Air-Minded: a Flying Tour of the USAF Museum

Okay, we’re all up to our eyeballs with social distancing and sheltering in place. So here’s something different.

If you’re an air museum buff, as I am, you’ll love this video. The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force turned a videographer, Paul Nurkkala, loose inside the exhibit hangars. Nurkkala taped the video with a camera suspended from a remotely-controlled drone. The filming was done during a down day and although you’ll see a few staff members and volunteers in some scenes, no visitors were present.

You can learn more about Paul Nurkkala and this video by clicking here.

Donna and I toured the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in October, 2018, and upon our return I posted an Air-Minded photoblog of our visit to the holy grail of air museums. Many of the aircraft featured in that photoblog are in this video, seen from angles visitors confined to the floor of the museum can only dream about.

I took many more photos during our 2018 visit than made it into the photoblog, but never fear, they’re all viewable online, in my USAF Museum Flickr photo album:

Click image to view the photo album

Museums are closed pretty much everywhere now (including the USAF Museum), but they’ll be open again someday. And now you know what I want for Christmas (hint, hint).

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