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bag'o'goldI don’t know what having a sexual kink says about a person’s character. Probably nothing, and as long as it’s all worked out between like-minded, consenting adults, and no one gets hurt, ain’t no one’s business.

Unless it’s Donald Trump, of course, and the kink is a juicy one. The floodgates opened yesterday and Twitter was drowning in pee jokes all night. I shared some of the funnier ones on Facebook. Today, though, I feel used, dirty, and slightly ashamed.

The allegations are unproven, and may not be true. Maybe an intelligence agency head decided to fire a warning shot across Trump’s bow. Maybe it’s a squabble between the CIA and the FBI. Maybe it’s Chris Christie getting his revenge. And maybe it’s true, every word. No one knows at this point.

The scandal, at least to me, is that congressional leaders, the FBI and other intelligence agencies, and influential figures in the media have known for months … since before the election, even before the Republican primary … important details about Russian influence over Trump. They collectively sat on that information, keeping it from voters, while at the same time flogging every empty allegation about Hillary’s emails and the Clinton Foundation.

All this aside, Trump clearly showed us what kind of man he is prior to the election, and it made no difference. Will this latest story change anything?

I’m not actively listening (I’ll catch a rerun later today), but Trump’s press conference, playing in the background on our bedroom radio, sounds pretty raucous. Frankly, I’m surprised he didn’t bail.

I started blogging in 2004. For the first few years I uploaded images and photos directly to my ISP’s server. Eventually I ran out of server space. These days I upload images and photos to Flickr. The little inset graphic at the top of this post? It lives on Flickr and appears here through a link, so it doesn’t take up server space.

After switching to Flickr, I deleted old photos and images from the server. I moved some, but not all, to Flickr. If an image is missing from a ten-year-old post no one will ever read, so what? If, on the other hand, a photo was part of a post I might link back to some day, or one that might attract interested readers, then it was worth the trouble.

Turns out I forgot about my Air-Minded posts. Looking through some of the older ones, I found blank spaces where photos used to be. Mostly the photos and images I use on this blog are for fun, but when it comes to Air-Minded posts they’re essential, because they help readers visualize what I write about.

This week I’m laboriously combing through those old Air-Minded posts, replacing missing images with new (and in some cases better) ones. When I’m done, I’ll recycle some of the refurbished posts by putting them back at the top of the blog … if I say so myself, some of them are pretty damn good. This one, for example. It’s about the decision, back in 2009, to cap F-22 Raptor production at 187 aircraft. When I replaced the photos in the post, I wrote an update to say what I think of the decision now that a few years have passed.

We still own our old Lincoln Town Car (Polly has it and uses it for work, but the title is still in our name). The registration came due in December. This time Arizona wanted an emissions test, and we knew the car would fail. A couple of years ago one of the cylinders quit firing, and the problem will cost more to fix than the car’s worth. Turns out you can get a two-year waiver from Arizona for a car that can’t pass emissions. You have to fail the test twice and produce an estimate on what it will cost to fix it, and you can only get the waiver one time. So Polly has a two-year reprieve. December of 2018, the Lincoln goes to a scrapper.

Today’s earworm: Lincoln Lincoln bo-binken, banana pana po-pinken, fee-fi-fo finken. Lincoln.

Hey, it’s better than thinking about golden showers all day!

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