Monday Bag o’ Fried Chicken

chicken bag
Monday Bag o’ Fried Chicken

Donna asked me to take charge of dinner tonight because she has embroidery orders to finish and pack for mailing. I don’t feel like cooking, so I rode down to Safeway and bought fried chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, and spinach. I got enough for two dinners in case I have to “cook” again this week.

I’m making myself sound like someone who dreads having to make dinner, and that’s not true at all. I have a cooking blog, and when I’m inspired I do very well in the kitchen or on the grill. I just don’t feel like cooking today.

Speaking of embroidery, I made over Donna’s Embroidery Dreams website using a WordPress blog format. It’s now much nicer than it was before, and I added a gallery of photos as well.

It occurred to me this morning that bombing Syria may be as much about poking Putin in the eye as it is about going after Islamic State. I don’t hear much about it in the news these days, but remember when Putin vetoed our attempts to get the UN to censure Assad? Surely it rankles Obama to be helpless in the face of Putin’s adventurism in Crimea and Ukraine. Perhaps the calculation is that Putin will be similarly helpless in the face of our actions in Syria. Oh, yeah, Islamic State is evil and all … but when it comes to great affairs of state, never rule out simple spite.

As for renewed war in the Middle East, ain’t nothing to be done about it. We thirst for war. By “we” I mean mankind, not just the USA. But just speaking of the USA, we’ve been at war with one nation or another, in one region or another, against one terrorist group or another, almost the entirety of my life, and I’ve been around since 1946. Of course I’m counting the Cold War, which was real as hell for those of us who fought it, and if in fact hitting back at Putin is one of our reasons for bombing Syria, a war that isn’t over after all.

I haven’t done much exercising over the last three weeks, so it felt great to get out on my bicycle Sunday morning and scout trail for two upcoming hashes. One trail will be for hashers on foot and the other will be for hashers on bicycles, but I scouted both on two wheels in order to finish my explorations in one morning. Tomorrow morning I’ll get back in the swing with Anytime Fitness, which I like to hit on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s cool enough in the evenings now to start doing our Monday walks in downtown Tucson again, but so far the rest of my walking group doesn’t seem interested. Nor do they seem interested in resuming our Saturday morning bicycle rides. I think it has fallen to me to motivate them. I know, everyone is busy, but we need to carve out time for exercise.

Fried chicken. I’ve got dibs on the breast and both wings!

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