Air-Minded: Son of Non-Starter (Updated 7/25/18)

See my earlier speculations on the possibility of new F-15s for the USAF:

The Non-Starter Option? Non-Starter Option Revisited

The first post addressed three “legacy” fighter aircraft still in production for overseas customers (F/A-18, F-16, and F-15), and wondered if the US military might be talked into extending the lives of its own fleets by […]


Air-Minded: the Non-Starter Option? (Updated 11/20/15)

Fuck stealth. There isn’t an air force in the world that won’t turn tail and run from a wall of Eagles coming its way. […]


Paul’s Bag o’ Wednesday

What does that title even mean? Is the cat named Wednesday? Sure, why not? Let’s go with that.

My son can’t believe I haven’t said anything about the F-22’s oxygen problems, or about the two whistleblower Raptor pilots who appeared on 60 Minutes last weekend.

My first excuse comes easy: I know very little about […]


Air-Minded: Guns or Butter? (Updated 1/10/17)

Or . . . stealthy and expensive mega-guns?

F-22 Raptor & F-15 Eagle

I’ve been trying to think of something intelligent to contribute to the ongoing debate over future production of the F-22 Raptor. President Obama and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates want to cap production at 187 aircraft, the number currently funded. Congressmen […]