Saturday Morning Updates

We were to have a full house for Thanksgiving, so we started cleaning the dining and living room for company. By “we” I mean Donna, but I’m helping with furniture, moving it around while she tackles different sections of carpet with a shampooer. By “were” I mean Donna’s sister Georgianna and her husband Don have […]


My Sister Sue

My sister Susan was born on the 4th of April, 1948, a year and a half after I came into the world; that’s us playing in the front yard of our grandparents’ home in Jackson, Missouri, some time in the early 1950s.

That old photo illustrates our relationship as children: although we lived together, sometimes […]



It’s extraordinarily difficult to write about Schatzi, to share our loss with others. To some degree, though, it’s my way of coping. […]