I Am Not the Retiring Type

. . . and yet, today, I retired. Turned in my keys, line badge, cell phone, final time card. Said farewell to my co-workers. Gathered up the few personal items I had there and put them in my car. Drove away and didn’t look back. Nothing stands between me and the yawning abyss we euphemistically […]


Birthday Message from the Chairman

I am truly humbled. Once a year, millions of children dress up and take to the streets in celebration of my birthday. This is that special day. And to the children of America, I say this: together we can win! Or at least eat so much candy we puke.


Sunday Notes

Dropping ballast in anticipation of retirement: satellite radio. Talk about not living up to promises. When I listen to Sirius today, not only do I hear the exact same playlists of songs I heard five years ago (particularly on the Blues Channel, my one-time favorite), I hear commercials. Yeah, terrestrial radio is ten times worse, […]


Sunday Is a Project Day

Project # 1: mount pegboard to the wall in Donna’s sewing room. Done. Project # 2: sign up for Twitter, invite a few friends to join, piss off same. Done. Project # 3: vote by early mail-in ballot. Done. Project # 4: print a map for our friend Rudy, who’s driving to Patagonia today. […]


Street Corner Truckometer

Until a few months ago, our local Ford dealer was all about trucks. He kept several on display on a raised semicircular platform out front where passing drivers could see them. Not the regular F-150 pickups you and I might buy; but the huge F-250s and F-350s ranchers, horse breeders, and NASCAR fans favor.

Then […]


Monday Morning Photoblogging

Is that anything like Monday morning quarterbacking? No, I guess not.

Trail Trash at the Snake Bridge

We take different routes on our Saturday morning Trail Trash rides. One of our favorites is to ride a little-used bike path from the air base to downtown Tucson, stop for coffee at a sidewalk cafe on […]


Last Night’s Debate

Here’s what I wrote on my Facebook status bar yesterday: “Paul is uncomfortable about the upcoming presidential candidates’ debate, and he doesn’t quite know why.”

An American friend who is following the campaign from her distant home in Australia wanted to know whether I had some sort of awful premonition. No, I responded, I didn’t. […]


I Scan, You Scan, They Scan, Yes We Scan!

My sister Sue mailed a batch of old photos and I’ve been in a scanning frenzy. Some highlights (click the thumbnails for full size images):

Paul & Mom, 1947

Paul (top right), 1952

Paul, 1954

Paul, 1964

Donna & Gregory, 1966

Paul, 1973

Gregory & Polly, […]