Queuing Up

Here’s an interesting article about supermarkets adopting “single line” policies. The idea is that customers, rather than lining up at individual cash registers, get in one long line instead; when customers reach the head of the line they go straight to whichever cash register is empty.

Been there, done that. In the early 1980s the […]


Hotter Saturday Blogging

My God, we started our Saturday morning bike ride at 6:30 and were toast by 8:00, with a few miles still to go. But we gutted it out to the end, then sat outdoors . . . albeit under patio umbrellas . . . at our local coffee shop. My one concession to the heat […]


Hot Saturday Blogging

Our Saturday morning bicycle ride gets earlier and earlier. In the winter we started at 9:00 AM. Today we started at 7:00 AM, but it was already 95 degrees by the time we finished, so next week we’re starting at 6:30 AM. I suppose by the time daily highs reach 110-115 degrees, we’ll be meeting […]


Birding in the Desert (Part I)

I saw a bird that shouldn’t be here. This was about a month ago, while Donna and I were hiking in a Tucson park. Back behind the soccer fields, where it was mostly dirt and cactus, there was this beach bird, something like a plover. “That bird is sure lost,” I thought.


As […]


Osama’s Still on the Loose . . . Ooh, it’s Paris Hilton!

Paris Hilton sat in a cell, Paris Hilton felt rather unwell, All her great fortune and lawyerly men, Couldn’t spring Paris Hilton again.

Hah! So there! Justice is served!

Still, something about this morality play makes me feel . . . well, manipulated. Aren’t there other, more important people who should be in jail? While […]


Charles Emory Woodford, 1925-2007

I can honestly say Dad’s funeral was a celebration of his life. Not a dry eye in the house, but a celebration nevertheless. He accomplished a lot in his four score and two. He influenced a wide circle of people. He had a large and loving family. He had multitudes of friends. He made a […]


My Father

My father had been ill since last November and yesterday he died, at home with wife and family by his side. I’m flying back tomorrow for the funeral. The path between Tucson and Cape Girardeau has, over the past few months, become a familiar one. Donna and I are happy we (and both our children) […]