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October 2015
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Air-Minded: Air Tanker Photoblog

Last week, during a break between tram tours at the Pima Air & Space Museum, I spent an hour exploring a seldom-visited back lot where we keep retired air tankers and water bombers. These are civil and military aircraft converted to carry and drop water or retardant on forest fires. Most of the aircraft on […]


Riding with Distinguished Friends

This morning I turned out for The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, an annual motorcycle event. This year Distinguished Gentleman’s Rides were held in 401 cities and towns in 79 countries. The rides are organized to help raise awareness of and fund research on prostate cancer. Individual riders or groups of riders raise funds or donate directly, […]


Air-Minded: PASM Photoblog IV

Last night I drove to the Pima Air & Space Museum to give a sunset bus tour to a group of football fans here for today’s Arizona/UCLA game. The tour never happened, because my bus didn’t make it to the museum. Six of us signed up for what was supposed to be six bus loads […]


Thursday Bag o’ Hugs

Our summer rainy season (laughingly called the “monsoon” in Southern Arizona, as if …) is officially over. For the past two months I’ve been driving the truck to the air museum. When I take the truck there are always a pair of prescription eyeglasses along for the ride, either the sunglasses in the center console […]


Road Tripping

Some couples start fighting the moment they sit down in a car together. Donna and I are lucky; we get along better in a car than almost anywhere else, and we’ve always loved driving cross-country together. We’d been considering taking a trip for our 50th anniversary (which is coming up this December), and it just […]


Blogging to Resume

Any minute now. For reals.

We’re back from a two-week road trip, during which I neglected the hell out of this little blog. But never fear, I gathered material for a couple of Air-Minded posts, not to mention a future post recounting our adventures. I’ll get cracking as soon as I catch up with all […]


Sunday Update

I’m going to put a few freeway miles on the new truck this morning. The one-year-old but new-to-us truck, that is. The original tires didn’t have a lot of tread left so we had new ones put on. Before the new tires, the alignment seemed off: there was a very slight pull to the right. […]


Saturday Updates

This week marked a personal transition at the air museum. I led walking tours Wednesday and tram tours Friday … but as you know I’ve been doing both for the past month. What’s different now is that from this week on, I’m all tram, all the time (if you’re a friend, though, and you come […]