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February 2016
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2016: Is This All There Is?

Donna, bless her, gave me a GoPro camera for Christmas. Naturally, I checked it out that very day, so I’d know how to work it on New Year’s Eve, the day my son and I planned to ride to Globe, Arizona. Here’s a short clip from the New Year’s Eve ride: it shows Greg and […]


Christmas Eve, 2015

A quiet day, at least for now. Shopping and wrapping? Done. Cards and letters? In the mail. House cleaned? Almost there. Decorations and lights up? Roger that. Christmas tunes on the CD changer? Fa la la la la, la la la la! An unexpected blogging window has opened, and I’m taking advantage of it. The […]


Tuesday Bag o’ Yaks

No doubt all right-thinking Americans will tune in the Democratic presidential debate tonight. We’ll be watching, if for no other reason than to see how the candidates hold up under questioning and attacks. I’m not betting on Joe Biden coming in, and will be surprised if he shows up at the last minute tonight, but what do I know? I haven’t paid much attention to the news today. I think Joe will definitely step in if Hillary stumbles, but I don’t expect her to do that. […]


Critter Friday

I turned on the bathroom radio this morning to hear about another campus shooting, this one at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Last night, during a fight in a dormitory parking lot, an 18-year-old freshman pulled a handgun out of his pocket and shot four students, killing one and wounding three. If the kid hadn’t […]


Thursday Bag o’ Nukes

It’s been extremely hot in southern Arizona. Every day we hear about electric power outages in different sections of Tucson. Are these intentional rolling blackouts? Sure looks like it. So far no power interruptions in our hood, but since our air conditioner crapped out last week and we had to spend a night and a […]


Spam and Ramps and Trams, Oh My!

Yesterday and today the comment spam folders at my three blogs were less than a quarter full — not that they’re of a fixed size, but in comparison to the daily volume of spam the blogs have been getting. Is it too soon to hope the bots have decided to write off?

It’s a […]


Two-Wheeled Trutherism (& a Doggie Update)

California coast, 1970

If you read my motorcycle posts you know I’m a biker truther. That’s what they’re calling members of the motorcycling community who are beginning to question police and media accounts of what happened in Waco, Texas last Sunday, when nine bikers were killed by gunfire and another eighteen injured during an […]


Tuesday Bag o’ Sutures

Following up on yesterday’s post: the vet said Schatzi was back on her feet and ready to go home, so I picked her up from the animal hospital. She walked from the hospital door to the car, but she’s still wobbly on her hind legs and had to sit down a couple of times. When […]