July 2014
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Grandkids and Other Critters

Our grandson Quentin is here for his annual visit. His parents ship him down on Southwest Airlines. He flies on unaccompanied minor status: his parents take him to the gate at Las Vegas and we meet him at the gate in Tucson. This is the last year he’ll have to be escorted to and from [...]


Thursday Bag o’ Empty Calories

I saw a commercial for implantable contact lenses on TV last night. If “implantable” means what I think it means, what does “contact” mean? Contacting the inner surface of your eye, looking out? Why not just “implantable lenses”? Sort of a Six Million Dollar Man kind of thing, or am I thinking of The Terminator? [...]


Air-Minded: House Wingie

When you’re leading a formation, there’s a wingman to your side, just behind your shoulder. You don’t normally turn your head to look at him (it’s his job to look at you), but you can see the nose of his jet in your peripheral vision.

When I walk from one end of the house to [...]


Birds, Bikes, & Bands

Friday, 13 days after it hatched, one of our hummingbird chicks left the nest. I think I saw it go … as I walked underneath the nest that afternoon I saw something fly away out of the corner of my eye. I thought at first it was the mother, but when I looked up at [...]


Weekend Photoblogging

Hummingbird update: here they are this morning, eight days old:

Their beaks are beginning to elongate, and they’re definitely plumping up, judging by how crowded the nest has become. We never see mama bird feeding the chicks, but she’s obviously hard at it when we’re not watching. And the patio floor is covered with [...]


Tuesday Bag o’ Hostility

When people say they want the homeless problem to go away, I wonder if they know what they’re really asking for. [...]


Xmas in the Rearview

Bloggers always say they’re too busy to post during the holidays. I wanted to use that excuse, but it wouldn’t have been exactly true. It’s more that I wanted to be social and spend time with my family than isolate myself in the office to write.

Things are getting back to normal now and here [...]


My War on Xmas

We’re getting a new DSLR camera for Xmas, an expensive gift that’s really for me. I have several small gifts for Donna but nothing approaching the camera in value, and even though I tell myself it’s the thought that matters, not the cost of the gift, the lack of balance has been bothering me.

Two [...]