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    Weekend Countdown

    The kids and grandkids are coming for the weekend; possibly my niece and her boyfriend; maybe even some Aussie friends who’ll be in town. I’m planning a cookout for Sunday, and I’ve already started.  The menu?  Smoked pork spareribs, smoked…

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    Our Smokin’ Dinner

    I didn’t live blog dinner (that would have been pretty rude, wouldn’t it have?), so I’m posting a final smokin’ update this morning, long after the big family meal.  Because we all deserve to see how it turned out, right?…

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    Crouton’s Smoked Pork Spareribs

    Ditalini and I love pork spareribs.  Full slab, St. Louis style, Kansas City style, baby back, they’re all good. In an earlier entry, I offered an easy recipe for dry-rubbed baby back ribs that are first cooked in the oven and then…

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    Smoked Beef Brisket

    Notes Slow cooking, plus laying the brisket on the rack with the fat layer on top, is the secret to tender brisket, which is normally considered a tough cut of meat. I use a Weber covered barrel smoker, but I…

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