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    Thanksgiving 2016

    Sorry, no recipes this time, just a few notes and photos. The deMenthes enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving. Number one daughter Escargot was here, along with number one son Baguette, number one daughter in law Truffle, and number one grandson Pesce.…

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    Thanksgiving 2012: the Gluttoning

    And I’m not even going to mention the deserts: Truffle’s lovely cheesecake, pumpkin pie, apple pie. Nor the appetizers: beer-boiled shrimp, cheese, olives, crackers, homemade giardiniera relish (thanks again to Truffle). Let’s just say we gave thanks for country, company,…

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    Best Smoked Brisket Yet

    Twice now, I’ve smoked beef briskets, describing the process here and here.  Each time I used a slightly different approach: first with a dry-rubbed brisket, second with a combination of dry rub and mop. On the Friday after Thanksgiving at…

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    Smoked Turkey Breast & Brats

    What, more turkey? In my previous post, I mentioned that I was going to smoke a turkey breast Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.  Since I still had a good bed of charcoal going after the turkey breast was done, I…

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    Weekend Followup

    In a previous post, I discussed preparing brisket and spare ribs for smoking. In the post after that, I described my smoking routine. If you’re into smoking, you’re probably curious as to how it all turned out: Actually, by the…

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    Weekend Countdown

    The kids and grandkids are coming for the weekend; possibly my niece and her boyfriend; maybe even some Aussie friends who’ll be in town. I’m planning a cookout for Sunday, and I’ve already started.  The menu?  Smoked pork spareribs, smoked…

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