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Thanksgiving 2016

Sorry, no recipes this time, just a few notes and photos.

IMG_2946 copy
L to R: Escargot, Pesce, Baguette, Truffle, Ditalini

The deMenthes enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving. Number one daughter Escargot was here, along with number one son Baguette, number one daughter in law Truffle, and number one grandson Pesce. Number one granddaughter Biscotto had to stay in Las Vegas and work, so we were one short of total Number Oneness, but at least Biscotto was able to visit us earlier in October.

The menu included turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce (two kinds), gravy, mashed potatoes, a sweet potato casserole, a green bean casserole topped with deep fried onion rings, hot rolls, and a smoked pork shoulder with home-made barbecue sauce … all things we’ve cooked before, with most of the recipes and cooking techniques described on this cooking blog (see the recipe index above). Our pumpkin pie came from Costco, because honestly they make a better one than we can, and this year, so did the mashed potatoes, which Costco sells in five-pound containers, more than enough for six hungry adults.

I smoked this year’s pork shoulder a little differently than the one I did in 2013. I dry-rubbed it the day before (using the rub from this recipe) and didn’t use a mop during the smoking, which took about six hours. It was every bit as moist inside as the one I smoked before, so I think in the future I’ll dispense with the mop altogether. Of course my Fortress of Smoke™ is a bullet-style Weber incorporating a basin of water above the coals, which helps whatever you’re smoking retain moisture. If you’re using a dry smoker, the mop may be necessary.

The Fortress of Smoke™

Pork shoulder going on the smoker

After six hours

Sliced and ready to serve


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