Laying Low

I had eyelid surgery last week. The result, so far, is a puffy, purple shiner that shows no sign of going away soon. No selfies till I’m fit to be seen in public again.

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It’s Donna’s birthday. I gave her a custom-fit sunscreen. The old one, even though it was made for large pickup trucks, was too small for the enormous windshield on her car. The before & after photos, with guest appearance by Mister B, tell the tale. True, it’s not much of a present, but we’re going out soon to pick out a new family room chair, since the upholstery on her one she’s had for years is frayed and torn.

Meanwhile, Polly’s engineering a mesh pet fence to go around the pool, a long-desired wish of Donna’s (mine as well). There’s a gift, too, which Polly took great trouble to wrap … Donna’s waiting for her to come over before she opens it. Our son Gregory donated airline points to the birthday fund: Donna’s taking the Southwest shuttle to Las Vegas for our grandson Quentin’s high school graduation the week after next.

Happy birthday, Donna!

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