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Ra, the hasher who took over the Half-Mind Catalog when its founder* retired, has launched an excellent podcast titled “On On! Hash House Harriers Talk and History.”

Ra’s interviews are intimate and lively. Listening, you feel like you’re at the table with him and his subject, best mates sharing a pint or two. He has the gift of bringing people out, getting personal and insightful comments, observations, and answers, comparable to Terry Gross’ Fresh Air interviews on NPR (seriously, he’s that good). Listening to Ra talk hashing with hashers makes me want to hit the trail again, and I’m not just saying that because he also interviewed me, or because he credits his idea to the written interviews I conducted with hashers for the Half-Mind Weblog.

So far, Ra has 40 interviews up on the podcast. You can enjoy his talks with hashers like Rose Eh, MTM, Shakesprick, MuSick, Hazukashii, Sex Toy, She Mussel Bitch, Hardy Boy, Urine, Crotch Thumper — well, you get the idea (and if you’re not a hasher and are appalled by some of these hash names, well — you’re getting the idea).

Here’s to you, Ra, and here’s to everyone selflessly engaged in preserving the history of the Hash House Harriers! Do give it a listen! You can visit the podcast site directly, or access it on a mobile through Google Podcasts, Spotify, Radio Public, Pocketcasts, and Breaker.

*Moi. But you knew that, right?

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