Donna had a little gap between her front teeth and always hated it. At different times during our marriage she endured braces and retainers, but the gap never totally went away. She tried again this year with a new orthodontist, and yesterday the latest set of braces came off. No gap! She goes back next week to be fitted with a retainer to ensure it stays gone. She woke up this morning and said you know what I want for lunch? Popcorn!

Donna’s not the only one around here with sightly teeth. Two years ago I had my upper front teeth capped. They were worn down to nubs and I couldn’t stand the look of them. You’d think a couple in their 70s would face up to their age and say when it comes to looks what you see is what you get, but no. Vanity is forever.

Our anniversary dinner turned out well. I made an easier version of beef bourguignon … easier, that is, than Julia Child’s version, which I once successfully tackled and now consider a lifetime achievement. Easier, at least in this case, tastes just as good. And is still a lot of effort!

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We’re looking forward to getting vaccinated against COVID-19. Given our age and co-morbidities (being overweight qualifies, right?), we should be among the early recipients, but I don’t trust the Trump administration not to mess with CDC guidelines. You may remember widespread DHS and FEMA interference in the distribution of n95 masks and other protective personal equipment back in May and June. Shipments of PPE purchased by states and hospitals were seized and either sent elsewhere or shelved in government warehouses, sometimes as punishment for governors Trump had a beef with.

Of course the vaccines may not be approved until after Trump leaves office. And while I trust President Biden to let the health agencies and military run the program and distribute the vaccines, you know billionaires and pro athletes are going to get their shots before doctors and nurses, right? Shit, people are already starting to say forget the elderly — they’re going to die anyway, the first in line should be me, me me!

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