La Cuisine C’est Pret: un Photoblog

Our kitchen is done, and as promised, here’s the evidence. First, the before, during, and after:




Everything but the fridge, ovens, and tiles on the floor and refrigerator is new, even the window over the sink. The contractors started work October 28th. They said it’d be done by November 26th, two days before Thanksgiving … and it was, minus one cabinet (the one if the upper left of the after photo) and the tiling on the walls. Those were up by December 16th: a month and a half in all. Here’s the best part: we stayed within our budget. Compared to home and kitchen remodeling horror stories we hear from friends, our experience has been miraculously good and trouble-free. We are delighted.

Details? Two short videos:



Please to ignore Dominick the Donkey braying in the background. Donna had the stereo remote and I couldn’t wrestle it away from her.

More details? Two more photos:



And if that’s not enough for you, there’s our Kitchen Remodel album on Flickr, where you can see all the piggy-dirty deets!

With that, we pronounce our kitchen do-over a done deal. Merry Christmas to us! This should do for several Christmases to come, and anniversaries as well (says he, even though he knows better).

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2 thoughts on “La Cuisine C’est Pret: un Photoblog

  • I love the photoblog! I was thinking, “Hey! What’s in the tall skinny cabinets?” And all of a sudden, there they were! Just absolutely fabulous kitchen design!

    Now I’m off to the next phase of the cookie marathon. Today is brownies. Chocolate-cherry and raspberry-cream cheese brownies from Cook’s Illustrated’s new “All-Time Best Chocolate Desserts.” And they aren’t kidding. Everything from chocolate crinkles to dacquoise, which I haven’t made for forty years. Excellent issue. One of the best recipe collections ever, right up there with the 1963 “Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book.”

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