Remodeling Hell, Part One

Here’s the kitchen after the first day of work. As you can see the contractor and his helpers got a lot done, if by “a lot” one’s benchmark is total destruction!


Friends are asking what, exactly, we’re having done. The answer is: almost everything. We moved into this mid-1980s house in 1998, so we’ve been here 21 years now. The original kitchen cabinets and cupboards were well worn when we got here and pretty thoroughly worn out a few years later. From day one, Donna wanted a new kitchen. So: new cabinets and cupboards (one of which will contain an enclosed microwave), new granite countertops, raised ceiling with recessed lighting, a new exhaust fan, new island and cooktop, new sink and garbage disposal and dishwasher, new backsplash and tiling on the wall above the sink.

We retiled the floor several years ago and saved the leftover tiles, of which we should have enough to replace tiles taken out when they install the new cabinets. We put in a double oven a few years later and are having it reinstalled in its old location.

The cut-away drywall on the left is where Donna wanted the existing floor-to-ceiling wall cut down to waist high so we could see into the living room from the family room and kitchen. We didn’t think it was a load-bearing wall and neither did our contractor, but once he cut away the plasterboard he saw that it was, so the wall will have to stay. Donna’s disappointed, but I don’t mind.

Obviously, having one’s kitchen taken away, even if only for a few weeks, is hugely impactful. I’ve been comparing notes with friends who are undergoing power blackouts in California, and while our level of inconvenience doesn’t approach theirs, we can understand some of what they’re going through.

I’ll provide periodic updates in the days ahead.

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  • Install a post at left of pic and a beam over to open up the wall she wants. No big deal!

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