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The annual Tucson Classics Car Show was Saturday, held on the grounds of St. Gregory’s Academy. It’s one of two local car shows I try never to miss (the other one’s in January, on the golf course at Tubac, a resort town south of Tucson). The Gregory School (as it is now known) is an ideal venue for an outdoor car show: the campus is green and shady and there’s plenty of nearby parking. October can be iffy; you never know ahead of time if it’ll be cool or still hot. We were lucky this year with overcast skies and a few early-morning sprinkles, but not a drop fell on the cars or the spectators while I was at the show, which was most of the morning. The cars, of course, were gorgeous.

panorama_3 copy

Muscle cars and Corvettes dominated, but I’m more interested in antiques, classics, and oddballs. There were plenty of each for me to obsess over, including a few interesting motorcycles.

I posted 87 car show photos to a Flickr album, and you can click here to see them all. I’ll post a few thumbnails here to whet your appetite; click on any of them to see the full sized originals at Flickr.

IMG_1728 copy IMG_1748 copy
IMG_1755 copy IMG_1767 copy
IMG_1791 copy IMG_1739 copy
IMG_1723 copy IMG_1797 copy

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