Grilled Polenta, Italian Sausage, & Peppers

Yeah, I know, I’ve posted about these things before, here and here. But I felt like photoblogging last night’s dinner and, this time around, presenting it in recipe format. My method is to put the peppers on the grill first, since they take the longest to cook (about 15 minutes), then the sausage (about 5 […]


Bangers & Smash?

Italian bangers, that is . . . my menu plan for tonight is Italian sausage with peppers, onion, & garlic, served with panfried smashed potatoes. Ditalini, I hope, can be coaxed into making a green salad. We’ll probably eat on trays, watching Lakeview Terrace on the home jumbotron. Hey . . . I’ll let you […]


Italian Family Barbecue

We were having company Sunday. I wanted to barbecue, but Ditalini wanted Italian food. So we compromised by having an Italian barbecue. Here’s the menu:

Grilled Artichokes

We prepped the artichokes a couple of hours before the party by cutting the spiny tips off the leaves, then boiling them until tender. After taking […]


Crouton’s Pasta with Italian Sausage

Here’s another easy pasta dish anyone can make. It tastes as good as it looks.


2 tbsp olive oil 1 onion 5-6 cloves garlic Italian sausage (hot or mild), 3 links 1 green bell pepper 1 red bell pepper broccoli black olives red pepper flakes salt & pepper Parmesan cheese 1 lb pasta