Air-Minded: Air-to-Air in the F-15 Eagle

In my day, the only video cameras we could use to film our own air-to-air flying were hand-held devices. USAF pilots weren’t (and aren’t, AFAIK) allowed, for safety reasons, to use cameras or video recorders in single-seat cockpits. If you were flying a two-seater, which you might do once a month or so, and you […]


Facial Sloughing, Suckerbloods

Let's just freeze this spot by your left eyebrow while we're at it.

That’s me after visiting my dermatologist Friday for another round of freezing and sloughing. They say women dislike the word “moist” . . . well, I dislike the word “slough,” which I associate with high school sex ed movies about menstruation. […]