Snow Day

The dogs took one look outside and decided the call of nature can wait. Now it’s a contest to see how long they can hold it. […]


Sunny, Mixed with Clouds

Our view this morning, looking north toward the Santa Catalinas:

Isn’t that lovely? Two hours later, as I write this, the clouds have thickened. They say it might snow down to 6,000 feet this weekend and even dip below freezing down at our level. Time to find some old towels and wrap the outdoor […]


Monday Bag o’ Miscellaney

One Friday night, back when buffalo wings first became popular, I decided to make them at home. After cutting the wings, I breaded them by shaking them in a paper grocery bag filled with flour, a little paprika, some salt, and pinch or two of powdered cayenne. Then I deep-fried the wings and dipped them […]