Snow Day

Woke to the sound of rain pattering on the skylight over the master bedroom bath. Twenty minutes after friends on the northwest side of town began posting snow photos to Facebook, we started to see flakes mixed in with our falling rain. When the rain turned to solid snow I posted a few photos and short videos of our own, commenting that it wasn’t sticking and was unlikely to. Now it’s time to eat those pessimistic words … here’s the view from our home office window:

See the birds? I doubt they’re as thrilled with the weather as we are, but hey, free breakfast. The dogs took one look outside and decided the call of nature can wait. Now it’s a contest to see how long they can hold it.

Tomorrow’s supposed to be sunny with temps in the mid-50s, and that’s good because I’m scheduled to lead a motorcycle ride to Tombstone and back. I want to take two-lane back roads, but that route goes over a high pass in the Santa Rosas, where snow and ice is likely to remain. There’s another route, mostly freeway, but at least it’s lower. Flexibility is the key to airpower, they say. Motorcycle rides too. Which is to say my go/no go decision will have to wait until tomorrow morning.

Donna and I are driving to Las Vegas next Friday. I was going to trailer the Goldwing so I could take a day ride to Death Valley with my son, but I’m rethinking it. Yesterday a big section of I-40 near Kingman was closed for snow and ice. There are several snow- and ice-prone passes between here and Vegas, and pulling a trailer’s starting to seem like a bad idea. I can always hop on the motorcycle and ride up solo later in March or possibly April. As with tomorrow’s ride, we’ll see.

This has been your weather report from snowy Tucson, Arizona.

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