He-ness, She-ness, Them-ness

Watching the Oscars the other night, I started wondering why we still differentiate between actors and actresses. To be sure, the industry needs to spread those awards around, and it would seem odd if male and female actors were lumped together . . . but really, is what Kate Winslet does any different than what […]


Day Trip Photoblogging

We drove to Phoenix with Darrell and Mary Anne yesterday for one of our semi-annual cultural outings. On past trips we’ve we’ve gawked at first ladies’ gowns, renaissance masterpieces, contemporary photography, plasticized corpses, and relics of the Titanic. This time we beamed up to see a traveling Star Trek exhibit:

Mary Anne, Darrell, Donna, […]


More Stuff You Can’t Make Up

When I grow up, I want to write police blotter reports for the local paper!

From the Tucson Weekly, Feb 19, 2009:

Police Dispatch

By Anna Mirocha


East Benson Highway, Jan. 21, 7:04 p.m.

A lone woman, possibly impaired by serious alcohol or drug ingestion, put her own life in danger and […]


Photography Class Fallout

I think I cracked the code on getting shallow depth of field out of my little point & shoot digital camera. Here are two photos of my favorite model, Schatzi:

These were both taken with the shutter aperture wide open, focused on Schatzi’s head. Nice effect, and not something you can get with your […]


Paul’s DVD Reviews: Escape from Reality TV

Cleaner (2007)

I didn’t know this was a straight-to-DVD release until after I’d watched it. Might that have influenced my decision to rent it? Probably, so I’m glad I didn’t know, because I really enjoyed the movie. Great cast, interesting story. Okay, maybe not the most brilliant movie, but if TV was this […]


Here We Go

You couldn’t make this shit up if you tried:

New York Post editorial cartoon by Sean Delonas, Feb 18, 2008

That a major metropolitan newspaper in the USA would print a cartoon like this shows you just how ugly it’s going to be for the next eight years. And you’d better get used to […]


Twenty-five Random Things About Me, by George Washington

1. Hearing soldiers in camp Curse and Sweare angers me. 2. I inherited 10 slaves from my Father on my 11th Birthday. 3. When I became President I had but one Toothe remaining in my Mouth. 4. I am less well known as the Father of the Bassoon. 5. My Private name for dear […]


Photo Class Field Trip Blogging

So in my community college photography class, I’m supposed to be learning how to control depth of field by adjusting shutter aperture (f-stop) and speed. Depth of field, we’re told, is the range of distance within the subject that is acceptably sharp. The higher the f-stop, the longer the range of focus; the lower the […]