Sunday Surf Blogging

At my house, Sunday morning is web-surfing morning. A lot of bloggers pad their content by linking to interesting items they see on others’ blogs. I try not to do that, but sometimes the urge is stronger than I am. And God knows, you probably wouldn’t be caught dead on the sites I surf, which […]


Comfort Food

Over the past two weeks, I’ve had all the fear and anxiety I can handle. It’s time to seek a little comfort.

We normally ride bicycles on Saturday morning with our Trail Trash group. Today Donna stayed home, for the very good reason that there’s much to be done after last week’s California trip. Other […]


Our California Trip

Last week we went to our Goddaughter Natasha’s wedding in San Jose, California. Donna left on Tuesday to visit aunts, uncles, and cousins in the Bay Area; I flew in Thursday afternoon, the day before the wedding; we flew home together Sunday.

Natasha is the daughter of probably our oldest friend, Trish, who we met […]


A Well-Founded Fear

I plan to retire at the end of the month and go on Social Security. This morning my financial advisor suggested I put off retirement until the economy recovers.

My first thought? If I don’t go on Social Security now — now as in before the end of this year if not sooner — Social […]


The More I Think about It

. . . the more I think the bailout bill was about buying time for the Bush/Cheney administration. Time for them to finish their terms and run off to Dubai before everything collapses. Oh, sure, it was about making the rich richer . . . with these guys it’s always about that (and, it turns […]