A Bad Steven Seagal Flick

I probably shouldn’t admit it, but I’ve always been a fan of Steven Seagal movies. Martial arts and Oriental mysticism leave me cold. Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris? Colder yet. But Steven Seagal . . . well, there’s something about the guy.

I read an article about the Panchen Lama a […]


Vacationette Photoblogging

Recession life — you take three days off, throw in the weekend, and there’s your mini-vacation — it’s all many of us can afford these days. Thank God for weekends, and while we’re at it thank God for the labor movement of the early 20th Century, because if it weren’t for unions we’d all still […]


Parsing Visibility

Driving home today I fell in behind a pickup truck with an odd homemade bumper sticker. Composed of individual stick-on letters, it read:

drafting is not an act its an art winston salem cars are not apart

Was he trying to say something about tailgating? Probably, but what? Never mind the missing apostrophe, […]


Fifteen Minutes of Fame: a New Benchmark

Who says spammers don’t keep up with current events?

Prepare to win

Monday, July 7, 2008 3:15 AM From: “betancourt” <YOUNGKING-ubinchik@CHIPTRON.CO.KR> To: __________@yahoogroups.com

Elton John’s new lover http://www.flickstill.com/


And While We’re at It, a Glorious Family Fifth

The family that bicycles together earns a big breakfast together!

Tour de Trash: Gregory, me, Beth, Taylor

Would you believe we all got up at five this morning to go for a bicycle ride with the Trail Trash? I didn’t think you would, so I took a photo to prove it. Donna took grandson […]


Another Glorious Family Fourth

We’re having a family Fourth of July weekend. Our granddaughter Taylor has been here the last couple of weeks, and now the rest of her family – her father (our son) Gregory, her mother (our daughter in law) Beth, her brother (our grandson) Quentin – are here.

Our annual neighborhood parade is later this morning, […]