Lost in Translation

Two or three years ago, someone called into a National Public Radio talk show and first uttered the phrase “I’ll take my answer off the air,” meaning that he or she would hang up and listen to the answer on the radio. Which, of course, is taking one’s answer on the air. But the phrase […]


Chain Mail

You know, if someone ever sends me a literate chain letter, I’ll probably fall for it.

Friends, Could you go out and buy a postcard and sendit to my grand nephew. His 6th grade classes is mapping out the postcards they receive as part of a geography class. His address is: Seamus Fields C/O the […]


What Goes Down Must Come Up

Another Saturday, another Trail Trash ride. This time our daughter Polly joined us, so we celebrated by doubling our normal mileage (from 9 to 18). Our new destination? The Rincon General Store, down the hill on Old Spanish Trail.

At the Rincon Store: Chris, Polly, Paul, Donna, Linda, Darrell

As this entry’s title suggests, […]


Crouton’s Pasta with Italian Sausage

Food pr0n!

Pasta with Italian sausage

Yep, you guessed it . . . it’s another plug for Crouton’s Kitchen, where you can find this and other great recipes.


Blogging Dearth Rears Its Tortured Head

Blogging’s been sporadic. Well, no, there’s plenty of blogging (passive voice, get thee behind me) . . . I’ve been blogging sporadically.

I went on a 20-mile bike ride this morning with Darrell, Linda, and Lane, who are Trail Trash buddies. Donna, Mary Anne, and Kris got roped into manning a welcome booth at our […]



We’re back from a visit with my family in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. While we were there, Donna took Lois and my sister Sue to a pedicure place in the mall. After their pedicures, they bought sandals. Here, immortalized, is the glorious result:

Lois, Donna, Sue

Oh, and here’s the rest of them:

Lois, […]


Trail Trash Historical Tour

We decided to forego our normal Trail Trash ride this morning and hook up with GABA (Greater Arizona Bicycling Association) instead. The GABA ride started on the opposite side of Tucson, so we broke in our new trailer hitch mounted bike rack. Good rack — we didn’t lose a single bike going or coming.

The […]