Must Maintain Purity of Essence

There’s always been a strong strain of puritanism in military leadership, perhaps nowhere stronger than in the U.S. Air Force. The latest expression of it is the outright banning of blogs and blogging on USAF computer networks, including USAF-operated internet cafes at bases worldwide.

For years now, the USAF has filtered liberal and progressive web […]


First B-2 Loss

Oh, my.

One night in the squadron bar, another lieutenant colonel and I had a long, beer-fueled discussion about fellow F-15 pilots who’d died in crashes. The guys who didn’t eject in time. The guys who flew into the ground or water, or who were instantly killed in mid-air collisions. And we […]


Saturday Morning Update

Anent the previous entry:

Donna crossing the raging torrent

The Trail Trash pose with friends at Agua Caliente Park

Donna, Paul, Schatzi

It was such a great morning, we decided Donna needed a new bike. She has a fitting on Monday, and I’ll pick it up on my way home from work.



Saturday Morning

If updates have been sparse lately, it’s not due to laziness. I’ve started a new project for the Half-Mind Weblog, interviewing hashers who’ve had an influence of hashing and hashers. Hashing? Hashers? You can read about that here.

Of course, non-hashing life goes on, and I need to get back to blogging about it. We’re […]


Waiting for Naught

Well, that didn’t take long. When it comes to snow in Tucson, it’s easy come, easy go.

All gone

And God, what a beautiful day it is today! Like all Arizona newcomers, we miss snow in the abstract, but not at all in the particular. Of course in four or five months, when it’s […]


Waiting for Snow

It’s creeping down the mountain toward us. Weather forecasters are hedging their bets. Maybe it’ll snow in Tucson, maybe not. I think it’s down about as far as it’ll get this year.


I have plenty of time to observe the weather today. Donna and Polly are out shopping for paint, and normally I’d […]


I Dream Things that Never Were . . . Thank God

Last night I dreamed something was making noise just outside our front door. Thinking (in the dream) it might be a wild animal, I snuck up to the door and quickly threw it open. As it opened I saw something – a darkness in the darkness, human in size – just outside the door. It […]


Things You Never Hear About on the News

This is just shameful: British athletes are being forced to agree not to critize China during the Olympics.

Well, why not? There’s ample precedent:

British athletes give Nazi salute during 1938 Olympics

Will our own athletes will be required to sign a similar contract?

I wonder why the American media doesn’t cover stories like […]