The Return of the King

Sometimes I wonder where CNN went. Remember how great CNN’s news coverage was, back in the day? Now, in my time zone, it seems as if all you can find on CNN during prime time is celebrity chitchat and tabloid crime gossip.

But one night last weekend I stayed up late. Ooh, what’s this? CNN […]


Ceviche de Camarones y Vieiras

Ceviche: an appetizer of small pieces of raw fish marinated in lime or lemon juice, often with onions, peppers, and spices.

This is for my daughter Polly and any readers who like ceviche as much as she does. I’ve made ceviche before, but not for a long time. When the craving hit, I put this […]


Random Kvetching

I feel like kvetching. How about you?

Is National Public Radio going corporate? Ever since NPR started airing commercials (although they call them “sponsor notices”), their talk shows have become noticably Fair & Balancedâ„¢. I’m thinking specifically about the Diane Rehm Show, where, whenever she discusses politics or national policy, her guest list now invariably […]


Busting Up the Tearoom Trade

I couldn’t care less about Senator Larry Craig, but his public humiliation brings back disturbing memories.

When I was posted to Okinawa in late 1988, the US military had just busted up an island-wide American tearoom trade ring. The officers and senior non-commissioned officers they caught were discharged and shipped back to the States, while […]


Cabbage & Hamburger Soup

It’s Labor Day, traditionally a day to grill brats and burgers, but since we barbecued yesterday and the day before, we’re going to cook a pot of soup instead.

Yeah, but cabbage & hamburger soup? That sounds pretty, ah, pedestrian, doesn’t it? Friends, take my word for it, this is great soup, especially if you […]


Arabs on a Plane

Wow, the left side of the blogosphere is up in arms over this story, about the woman who demanded to be let off a departing flight after becoming frightened by Arab passengers she thought were acting suspiciously. Witness this blog entry, titled “racist hysteric apologizes for targeting DOD-approved swarthy people,” and particularly the reader comments […]


Aboard the Chester Maru

Another letter from my Dad, this one about his World War II service as a navy gunner aboard the merchant tanker MS Chester Sun.

While at boot camp all of us recruits had to take a battery of tests. The top scorers got to choose which school they wanted; all the others had to […]