Air-Minded: Fox-2 on the Yellow Mini Cooper

Funny, I have the same reaction when I hear air traffic controllers whine about stress . . .

Drudge links to this Evening Standard article: Commuting ‘more stressful than flying a jet fighter’.

Lead sentence: “A major new study claims the average journey by train or bus is more stressful than being a fighter pilot […]


The Early Bird Meets the Mandate

Paul Begala, co-host of CNN’s Crossfire, back in February 2004:

Well, Howie Kurtz is the man, of course, who keeps a[n] eye on the media for CNN’s “RELIABLE SOURCES” and “The Washington Post.” He reports that the Bush administration is engaged in a rather novel new form of censorship. Articles that are critical of the […]


Saturday Cat Blogging

I don’t know which blogger started this tradition, but I see it everywhere: cat blogging. So here are ours, enjoying a quiet Saturday morning at home.


Chewy is short for Chewbacca. She was a pound cat, originally feral – we took her in when she was about six months old. […]


Motorcycle Maintenance Log, Part I

About a week after buying my Goldwing I noticed a huge gap between the instrument panel and the fairing it mounts to. I took it back to the dealership to have the panel seated correctly, and to have the windshield adjusted (it wouldn’t stay in the raised position).

When I picked up the bike I […]


Yes Men

When a certain type of executive or senior military officer talks about “respect” and “loyalty,” what he invariably means is “total support” and “no dissent.” He cannot abide disagreement; he surrounds himself with yes men in order to keep reality at bay.

I’ve always felt George W. Bush is such a man, and everything I’ve […]


Saturday Down Under Hash Tucker

Yum . . . spag bog!

Several years ago, when I was putting the Half-Mind Cookbook together, an Australian harriette inadvertently posted a shopping list to the international hash e-mail list. The line that caught my attention said “mince for spag bog.”

Spag bog? That could only be some sort of Australian dish, right? Like […]


Local Color

Part of the Tucson supermarket shopping experience is the man or woman standing near the entrance, whispering “fresh tamales” as you walk by. I’ve never seen a supermarket employee – or a cop – harass these vendors, and that’s a good thing. I’m not so naive as to believe they actually make these tamales at […]


Gravity? Well, It’s Just a Theory, After All . . .

I just have to link to this: the estimable Fafnir and Giblets discuss the “theory” of relativity.