The First Debate

I was hoping for more drama, weren’t you? Some telling blows? Some embarrassing mistakes?

But no . . . I don’t think tonight’s debate changed any minds. What was the deal with the moderator asking Bush to comment on Kerry’s character but not asking Kerry to comment on Bush’s? I didn’t get that part. Now […]



Will my vote make a difference? And if not, why bother?

I live in Arizona, a state that traditionally votes Republican in presidential elections. In 2000, 51% of Arizona’s popular vote went to Bush, 45% to Gore, and 3% to Nader. Arizona’s electoral votes – the votes that count – went to Bush. Thanks to […]


Four More Years

Too exhausted to blog, is what it is. My contract’s tied to the US government’s fiscal year, which runs from October 1st to September 30th. It’s crunch time. I hope to be back on a reasonable blogging schedule by mid-October.

Until then, I’ll offer the following observation: almost everyone I work with plans to vote […]


Overseas Voter Website Censored by Military

My, what will they block next?

Go here to find out how to get around the Pentagon’s block on the website that helps overseas US military voters cast absentee ballots.

Thanks to Boing Boing for the tip!


Caesar Salad for 50

What do you make to feed 50 hungry hashers? Caesar salad for 50!

The hash got rained out yesterday . . . oh, all right, a few diehards proably hashed, so it’s more like I got rained out . . . but if 50 hashers had hashed and were looking for something good to eat […]


Military Bans Blogs (Part III)

Doing my wee bit to expose military censorship – specifically the military’s efforts to prevent its personnel from viewing certain internet sites – is becoming a hobbyhorse of mine. I’ve blogged about such censorship before, here, here, and here.

And now, thanks to Eric Umansky, I learn of another category of web sites being blocked […]


Thoughts on Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Helmet laws suck . . . helmets, on the other hand . . .

I have mixed feelings on the issue of mandatory helmet laws. I don’t want the government to order me to wear a helmet, but if it does I’ll strap one on in order to continue riding.

I live in Arizona, a […]


Zell Miller and Treason

A lot of people were disturbed by Zell Miller’ speech at the Republican National Convention last night. Of course, a lot of other people were delighted with it . . . probably the same people who think defending our nation requires us to sodomize Iraqi prisoners with broomsticks, but that’s another rant.

Here’s the part […]