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This blog hasn’t exactly been smokin’ lately, and I apologize for that.  Tomorrow, though, I will be literally smoking: two racks of ribs, two chickens, two salmon filets.  I prepped the ribs and coated them with dry rub two days ago and they’re resting in the fridge.  I halved the chooks and coated them with a poultry rub yesterday.  They’re on ice in a cooler, along with the salmon.

I’ll take photos as I smoke and update the blog sometime this weekend.  Promise.

In other news, my old Coleman propane grill is dying, and I’m shopping around for a replacement.  I really want a Weber Genesis E-320, but it’s expensive as hell — like over $800 expensive.  I can get a Captain Cook grill with similar features and an electric rotisserie thrown in for $450.  Decisions, decisions.

Okay.  More soon!  Promise.


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