Mothers’ Day Menu

Sometimes you get a marriage made in heaven.  Ditalini and I share the same tastes in food, so my Mothers’ Day menu has us both slavering in anticipation.  What am I cooking?  Crouton’s Easy Dry-Rubbed Ribs with corn on the cob and baked beans.  Our friend Dee, a single mother, is coming over to share it with us.  She’s bringing cornbread.

I’m going to shuck the corn, wrap it in foil, and cook it on the grill along with the ribs.  For the beans, I’m cheating today — to a large can of Boston Baked Beans I’ll add some sauteed onion, cooked & crumbled bacon, a little brown sugar, and a few good shakes of hot sauce.  But hey, if you want tasty & easy, it’ll more than fill the bill.  As for the corn bread, I can’t say, but Dee’s a great cook and if she’s willing to share her recipe, I’ll post it to the blog later.

If you’re not cooking dinner for mother today, consider this a challenge.  And if she likes the same food you like, consider yourself blessed!


Amateur cook and barbecue fanatic.

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