Tuesday Blahs & August Doldrums

Our dachshund Schatzi has been listless and sleepy the last two days, not her normal frisky self.  All bodily functions seem normal, she’s eating, her nose feels cool and wet … in short, we don’t have any idea what’s wrong with her.  If only she could tell us, right?  If the pup doesn’t perk up in a day or two we’re going to have to visit the vet.

The manufactured debt ceiling crisis is over, just in time for the annual August doldrums.  Nothing ever happens in August.  With any luck, that is.  I’m looking forward to a month of soothing news about shark attacks and men biting dogs.  Speaking of dogs:

On a par with cigarettes?  Oh give me an ever-lovin’ break.  But I guess it typifies August “news.”  More of this, please; less about Washington DC.

Sort of bridging the gap between July debt crisis news and August non-news is Congressman Emanuel Cleaver’s comment on Twitter:

My immediate assumption was that Rep. Cleaver was uttering a euphemism for “shit sandwich.”  I’m pleased to see the smart folks at Language Log agree with me on that.

Sorry this isn’t much of a post.  It’s Tuesday and my dog has the blahs.

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