Thursday Bag o’ Fakes

IMG_9135I bought another watch today. It’ll mark my 17th year of sobriety, which falls on Saint Patrick’s Day. Since the watch ships from China, now was the time to order it. My luck, it’ll go on sale tomorrow.

No, this isn’t a photo of it. This is my first Chinese watch, last year’s birthday gift to myself, an Omega Speedmaster lookalike (not a fake but what watch aficionados call a “homage”). The new watch is by the same maker, Pagani Design, and is a Rolex Submariner lookalike.

James Bond wore a Submariner in the early 007 movies and the actor Titus Welliver wears one in the streaming TV series Bosch. I went to Hong Kong in 1990 to buy one but couldn’t afford it … the Rolex, that is, not the Chinese lookalike I just pulled the trigger on. At 77, long retired and on Social Security, I have to face the fact that a Rolex will remain forever beyond my reach, but at least the Chinese make a decent homage (in fact, at the price they sell them for, I could buy a few). I’ll certainly post photos of it when it gets here.

Donna’s sister Robin is here from Michigan, traveling with her friend Mary. With Polly more or less permanently  occupying our guest bedroom, Mary’s got the Murphy bed in my office and Robin has an inflatable in the living room. I can get to the iMac when Robin and Mary are out and about, as they are now, and thought I’d get in this short blog post. Our guests are running a half-marathon here this weekend, and I think they fly back to Michigan next week. We’re heading out tonight to check off the Mexican restaurant square … I wasn’t able to get reservations, but being a weeknight we shouldn’t have to wait too long for a table.

I posted links on social media to my most recent Air-Minded post and have seen some angry commentary. I figured it would draw some, two-seat versus single-seat being a perennial hot-button topic in the fighter community, and I suppose the heat’s coming from the two-holer community. Unless it’s coming from fanboys, that is, always a possibility. Either way, I’m long out of the cockpit, probably vastly out of touch, and happy to admit my opinions may be ill-informed.

The ladies are back and I’m about to lose access to my office, so I’ll sign out now. Stay fresh, cheese bags!

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