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Our reflooring and repainting project is almost complete. The contractors have packed up and gone; we’re now putting furniture back into place. As soon as that’s done I’ll turn my attention to the garage, haphazardly cluttered with junk to be given or thrown away. Then a quick trip to Costco for gas, a swing by the air base to pick up prescriptions. Donna and Polly will revisit Costco the day before Thanksgiving to get the traditional pumpkin pie.

We should be done by the time our son and daughter-in-law pull into town Tuesday afternoon. Of course we’ll all be busy with cooking and smoking Thursday; after Greg and Beth leave Friday we’ll take a break from frantic activity and physical labor … but with Christmas approaching it’ll be a short one.

The dogs now have the run of the house. The expandable child gates we used to keep them out of the living and dining rooms are among the many things I’ll have to find places for in the garage. Somewhere up in the rafters is a small artificial Christmas tree … I might as well enlist our son’s help to get it down while he’s here.

We’re staying home this Christmas, so it’ll be just the two of us and Polly. Our grandson Quentin flies down on the 29th for a two-day stay … he promised to come see us in Tucson this year, and is cutting it close! Did I tell you he turned 21 last week?

Happy Thanksgiving to my readers in the U.S.A., and happy seasonal blessings to the rest of you. More soon, I promise!

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