What We Talk About When We’re Talking About the Weather

I’ve mentioned before how the occasional hurricane or tropical storm will come up from Mexico and push heavy wind and rain into southern Arizona. It hasn’t happened for a few years, but we’re hoping Hurricane (now Tropical Storm) Hilary, slowly making its way up the Pacific side of Baja California, will come close enough for some spillover. It’s due over San Diego and Los Angeles later today. Here’s what it was like in Tucson at 5:30 this morning:


There’s moisture in the air, so fingers crossed. A couple of days ago they were warning Hilary might dump two to three years’ worth of rain on southern California. Arizona and Nevada could get a sizable fraction of that. Our son Gregory drove from Las Vegas to Reno yesterday, taking our grandson Quentin back to college after a short visit home. He drives back to Vegas today. They’re warning of flash flooding between Tonopah and Las Vegas, right on his route. That could be interesting. If we get heavy rain in Tucson, we’ll have flooding too. Our house should be fine, but our neighborhood might become an isolated island.

We’ve lived in Tucson 25 years and in that time have seen three, maybe four 100-year storms with heavy flooding. We’re stocked up and should be okay, but a loss of power would really suck. Hoping for rain in this part of the country is always one of those be-careful-what-you-wish-for deals … but I guess that’s true everywhere.

IMG_7441You can buy a decent wristwatch for less than $40 if you keep an eye out for online sales. Timex had one recently and I picked up this quartz beauty for $36.50 (including shipping). I like the dial face and band and expect to wear it often.

When I started consciously building a collection, my plan was to go all mechanical: automatic self-winders. But between new automatics I added a quartz Timex, then another, then a dressy little Casio, then a Torgoen, and now this one. Current SOTC (state of the collection): seven quartz and six automatic watches.

There’s only one thing for it: another automatic to balance things out. Target date: end of October, my birthday. With Donna’s approval, of course!

Mister B’s coming up on his 15th birthday. I’ve been giving him lots of attention, pats and scritches when he’ll tolerate them, snacks, and rides to the library. I can’t take him inside, not being one of those types who abuse service dogs allowed policies, so I only take him along when a book on hold is ready for pickup and I know he’ll only be alone in the truck for a minute or two. Here we are yesterday, picking up a copy of Barbara Kingsolver’s “Demon Copperhead” (which is starting out to be a great read).


That’s all for now. Stay fresh, cheese bags!

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