Air-Minded: Radio Voice

This is too good not to share:

In military aviation, if there’s anything worse than losing your shit on the radio, I don’t know what it is. Two crusty Army warrant officer helicopter pilots show us how it’s done.

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One thought on “Air-Minded: Radio Voice

  • As long as they missed the engine it’s a good day. Sounds like G-2 located the LZ in not necessarily a great location. I’ve got about 60 hours in Cessna 150s and 152s and using the radio at controlled airports was always my bugaboo. The speed the controllers spoke, lousy airplane radios and the jargon flummoxed me a lot more than stick and rudder ever did. I was like the old boy in the Piper trying to understand his clearance, “Son, do hear the speed I’m talking? Well that’s also the speed I listen”. When I flew solo as a student (verboten these days!) I flew strictly into uncontrolled airports (love that alarming phrase, now called non-tower airports or something) where all the radio was used for was to transmit “Rio Linda traffic, Cessna 123Bravo on final for runway 35, touch and go”. Even marble mouth me could handle that.
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