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IMG_5243Donna and I celebrated our 57th wedding anniversary yesterday with gifts, a matinee, and dinner out.

I gave her a coffee cup warmer and she gave me the replacement bracelet for my old Seiko that was originally going to be for Christmas. Actually I ordered the coffee cup warmer for Christmas as well … guess we’re both back to square one as far as what to give one another in what, 22 days? Better get busy!

The matinee was Devotion, the story of Navy pilots Jesse Brown and Tom Hudner in the Korean War. It’s both moving (and a true story at that) and realistic, far more so than either of the Top Gun movies … real airplanes, real flying, attention to detail, etc. It’s very like The Bridges at Toko-Ri, the 1954 classic based on the James Michener story of the same name, which I now think was a partial retelling (maybe more than partial) of the Jesse Brown/Tom Hudner story, Jesse’s color changed to white in deference to 1950s racists who wouldn’t have read the book or watched the movie otherwise.

Dinner? Prime rib at Jonathan’s Cork, a Tucson institution. Rare for Donna, medium rare for me. All in a, a most satisfying anniversary, and as I said on Facebook and Instagram (and Mastodon, and Twitter, good lord where will it stop?), who’d a thunk we’d still be together after all these years?

IMG_5248You can barely see my stitches in the dinner photo, above, but they’re more visible in this one, taken just now. Also more apparent is my swollen right cheek, which I can only blame on myself for not being more diligent with ice packs. The stitches, which follow my smile line, come out Monday, one week after Mohs surgery. I think the scar will be almost invisible after a few weeks … so long as I keep smiling, that is!

Long as I’m loading this post up with photos, here are our pups, whom (do dogs get the “whom” treatment, or are they just “whos”?) we’ve decided to leave home for Christmas. We’re driving to Las Vegas to spend the holiday with our son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren, leaving Mr. B, Fritzi, and Lulu home in the care of our daughter Polly. Polly works unpredictable hours at Safeway, so our friend Mary Anne has agreed to feed them at their accustomed times when Polly can’t, and to drop by for occasional canine welfare checks. It’ll be less stressful on the pups … and on us, as well. Mr. B, left; Fritzi & Lulu, right.

IMG_5241 IMG_5232

Last one: my modest collection of self-winding mechanical watches, arranged by age.


From left to right:

  • Seiko Pogue, purchased as a reward for becoming a fighter pilot in 1978, restored in 2022
  • Breitling Chronomat, bought on a trip to Hong Kong in 1990 for our 25th wedding anniversary
  • Seiko Diver, bought in 2015 because my old Pogue was out of commission at the time
  • Seiko Beatmaster, a limited edition special Donna gave me for my birthday in 2021
  • Seiko Recraft, bought in 2022 because I love the green dial and retro look
  • Orient Bambino, from Donna for my birthday this year

Damn it, maybe I do need a bigger display case!

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  • It was not exactly orders: Twitter made the decisions. It is so ironic that after Trump used the Russians in 2016 to help his campaign it came back to bite him in the bum in 2020 as Twitter’s delay was from a concerned that the laptop thing was a Russian hack. Between Trump using the Russians (and Trump publicly requested their assistance in a debate on TV and the American federal and stateelection authorities confirmed interference or attempts from Russia). Then, the GOP was too cozy with the Saudis who conviently helped them in 2022 and then this! Significantly, Musk did not release on Friday the treasure trove of emails he had promised. Instead, we get a second hand reporting with any emails released being filtered through one journalist. As far as I am concerned, this balances out Comey’s 2016 inappropriate election interference.

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