Planned Obsolescence

The iPeter Principle: continue to install iOS updates until you get to the one your older iPhone or iPad can’t handle, then stop. Too bad there’s not a way to uninstall the latest OS and go back to the one where everything worked.

Twitter continues to work on my devices, at least. I can’t say I’ve seen a change with Elon in charge, other than blue-checks getting worked up over what they’ll have to pay to hold onto their elect status. I do wonder, with all the staff layoffs, if Twitter is now on autopilot, and how much longer it’ll maintain altitude and heading. Guess we’ll see.

I hear Jack Dorsey, the man who started Twitter, is working on a new social app called Blue Sky, and I’ve signed up to be a beta user. For now, though, Twitter’s where the users are. I don’t see it going away unless through mismanagement and neglect Mr. Musk wrecks it. Which he very well might.

Just sayin’ department: I wish the Twitterati and the media would stop giving bad actors air time. Kanye, Alex Jones, the assholes making up stories about Nancy Pelosi’s husband. Scum, all of them, yet the media and the chattering classes repeat their every hateful, lying word.

I found a wristwatch groupie community on Reddit, r/Watches. I see lots of watches on Instagram, but it turns out the posters are sellers. The folks on Reddit seem more like enthusiasts … people like me, that is … so I shared this photo of my collection with them:


My comment: “Donna gave me a new watch for my birthday. How do I tell her I’m going to need a bigger box now?” Actually, I don’t. Sure, I’m up to six now, but one’s always on my wrist so a box with five slots is enough. And surely, six watches is enough.

Please note: I may be obsessive about wristwatches, but not so obsessive as to wind and set the ones I’m not actually wearing!

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2 thoughts on “Planned Obsolescence

  • Thanks for the clarifying note. Why do advertisers always picture their watches reading 10:10?

  • Do they? I’ll be looking for that from now on! I know they avoid showing real license plates in car ads, I guess because no matter what state they show there’ll be come potential buyer who hates that state and now won’t buy their car. Is is something like that?

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