The Glorious … Wait, What?

Something tells me I should lead off by saying I don’t endorse this. Even so, my first reaction on seeing it was to say “Wow, take a stand much, Pima County Democratic Party?”

Screen Shot 2022-07-03 at 8.31.51 AM

The image doesn’t link to the original tweet. It’s a screen grab someone had the foresight to save, anticipating the likelihood it would be deleted. As it was, the second Patriots™ began to pile on the PCDP.

I’ve always resisted forced patriotism and religion. These days more than ever, because they’ve been weaponized by right wingers, racists, and evangelicals. To stand and recite the pledge of allegiance with them, to stand and sing the national anthem with them, to bow my head with them as they open meetings with prayers, is to be one with them. I will not.

America has been good to me. I consider myself lucky to have been born here. I turn out for the neighborhood 4th of July parade. But I’m middle class, white, and male. If I were not, would I see the 4th the same way? Might I even see it in a negative light, as a holiday for my oppressors?

What’s glorious is that we still live in a country where we can speak our mind, and no shit that’s something to celebrate. I wasn’t with her when it happened, but Donna was accosted yesterday for wearing a mask in Costco. Her response, after the jerk finished his rant? “Isn’t it wonderful we live in a country where we can make our own choices?”

Well, at least when it comes to masking, we still have freedom of choice. The Supreme Court hasn’t started whittling away at that one yet, but give them time.

Speaking of time, consider the dogwatch; i.e., the night-watch on ships, the time when (on land) all but the dogs are asleep; derived from Sirius, the Dog Star, the first star that can be seen at night. By strict definition, there are two dogwatches: the first from 1600 to 1800, the second from 1800 to 2000. Dogwatches divide the ship’s 24-hour workday into an uneven number of watches so that sailors aren’t forced to keep the same watches day after day.

And then there’s my version:

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One thought on “The Glorious … Wait, What?

  • Your spousal unit must have the patience of Job.
    I’m ambivalent about most institutions, especially the USA. I’m glad I live here and I love it, but that’s just because it’s my team. Sure, we’re number one in some areas and celler cellar dwellers in other aspects. But the myth of American exceptionalism is fatal.
    My least favorite holiday, the 4th. Scares the animals, hurts my tinnitus, pollutes the air and streets, and reminds me unpleasantly of the battle of Song Mao, 1971. Fuck fireworks. And fuck the 38% of Americans who are patriotic flag waving Trumpite traitors. When I see an American flag flying I assume it’s a GQP traitor and I’m usually right. I’ll never salute it or fly it, our ‘proto pop-art’ flag. From Gore Vidal, another pissed off war vet.’
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