Dog Is My Co-Pilot

IMG_2914I must telegraph it somehow, because if I so much as think about going somewhere in the car, Mister B knows, and won’t let me out of his sight lest I sneak out without him. As I’m going to do this morning. I need groceries for dinner tonight, Safeway isn’t dog-friendly, and if I leave him in the car while I shop some do-gooder might break my windows to rescue him. Sorry, little buddy, no car smooches today.

What’s on for dinner? Shrimp and grits. If my efforts prove digestible I’ll write it up on my cooking blog, Crouton’s Kitchen. As with all new recipes I try, there’ll also be the obligatory photos on Facebook and Instagram.

There used to be a hashing blog on as well, but I shut it down last year. I preserved some of the content on this blog (see the Half-Minded Index on the menu bar up top), but a lot of it is gone. Yesterday, a hasher I interviewed a few years back contacted me to ask what had become of the page with his interview, which he’d wanted to show a new boot hasher. I didn’t save any of the interviews, but by checking with the Wayback Machine (aka the Internet Archive) I was able to call up a stored version of my old hashing blog and copy that page for him.

It’s hard to put a price on the things the internet has given us. All the world’s knowledge at our fingertips; breaking news a day before the media gets it; the ability to easily find and read long-lost content; reconnecting with old friends or chatting with anyone anywhere; hot & cold running porn … oh brave new world, that has such wonders in it!

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