Air-Minded: For Eagle Drivers Only

During my days flying the F-15 Eagle at various stateside and overseas locations, I occasionally wrote articles for USAF publications. One of my sisters found a stack of material I sent my father years ago, stuff I’d almost forgotten about. Two of my articles were in the pile. I thought I’d share them with you, starting with this one, inspired by a close encounter with two RAF Phantom IIs over the North Sea off the coast of the Netherlands. And when I say “over the North Sea,” I mean “barely!”

I lost the original word processing documents decades ago. Not wanting to retype the articles, I decided to scan them instead. The results are not great, but they’re readable, particularly if you click on the individual pages and view them on Flickr.

The publication this article appeared in was the USAFE (United States Air Forces Europe) Airscoop. It was later featured in a stateside magazine called TAC (Tactical Air Command) Attack.


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  • I replaced the images with clearer ones this morning. Still, they’re easier to read if you click and view them on Flickr, where you can enlarge to your heart’s content!

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