Tuesday Bag o’ Small News

Less than a month from now contractors will start ripping out our old kitchen and putting in a new one. If everything stays exactly on schedule, the work will be done two days before Thanksgiving. Our son, daughter in law, and grandson are driving down from Las Vegas to share the holiday with us, so there’s a degree of (self-imposed) pressure. In our partnership, Donna’s the one who keeps the faith while I am the skeptic. Will we have to go to the chow hall for Thanksgiving dinner? We’ll see.

Here’s the before photo. I’ll post the after when it’s done.


We’ve done a lot to the kitchen over the years, but Donna’s never been happy with it. When we moved in, the flooring was vinyl, the island was rectangular, and there was a single oven. The new kitchen will have a raised ceiling with new lighting and an exhaust fan, a new window over the sink, white cabinets with pull-out drawers, granite counter- and island-tops, and a new range built into the island. We’re modifying the wall on the left where the microwave and desk-style cabinet are. It’ll be waist-high, allowing us to see into the living room. Where the double ovens are now it’ll revert to a full wall with floor-to-ceiling cabinets. We’re pretty sure the five boxes of left-over tiles in the garage will be enough to replace the ones that’ll have to be chipped out when they put in the new cabinets and island. We hope so, because they don’t make that style any more. Oh, and the walls will be white. At one time yellow seemed like a good idea, but we instantly regretted the choice.

We have a gas grill with a side burner on the patio. I imagine we’ll have to cook meals on it, at least when we’re not bringing home takeout. Although I’m not sure how we’ll be able to wash dishes afterward. Our lives will be massively disrupted for a few weeks, but I know we’ll be happy when it’s all done.

October’s my birth month, so I pre-ordered three new books with October release dates. I figure Donna won’t give me too much grief over that. Speaking of charges, I discovered last night we’re still paying for a Norton Antivirus account we haven’t used since Donna retired her Windows PC and started using a Mac laptop, over two years ago. Makes me wonder what other auto-renewables are flying under the radar. Donna has an eagle eye for stuff like that, and I’m surprised we both missed it.

Took a break to run some errands. It’s a rainy day, thanks to what’s left of Tropical Storm Lorena, which has pushed north into southern Arizona from Mexico. The rain kept a lot of people at home and I had the roads almost to myself, a rare treat.

One of those errands was another stop at the Xfinity store. We’re still going over our monthly data limit and there’s obviously something wrong. It may be our daughter Polly streaming Netflix 24/7, but it may be a data leak somewhere in the wiring or one of the old unused devices still plugged into our wifi network. One of their techs is coming over Thursday to troubleshoot. In the meantime I signed up for a truly unlimited data plan. We’ll bill Polly for the difference, now that she’s drawing unemployment.

Well, this has been a thoroughly domestic post, hasn’t it? I find I have nothing worth saying about outside news and events. People in the news are being awful as usual, but down at this lowly un-newsworthy level I’m trying to be better.

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