The Eagle Has Landed

We’re just home from Las Vegas, where we attended our grandson Quentin’s Eagle Scout induction ceremony, held at the regional Scout Council on Saturday, March 2nd. Here’s the proud lad making his acceptance speech, flanked by equally-proud parents, our son Gregory and daughter in law Beth.


As part of the ceremony, scouts and their parents traditionally prepare table displays of achievements, ribbons, and medals. Donna offered to help by making a banner with a mesquite wood frame, a project she worked on up to the last minute and then some: she and Beth finished lacing the banner to the frame the morning of Quentin’s ceremony. The mesquite branches, by the way, came from our back yard … Donna went out back two weeks ago and cut them off the tree. We’re talking Pioneer Woman here. I was impressed (and still am).


Gregory stayed up the night before preparing a fruit platter for the reception, even hand-carving a Boy Scout emblem into the rind of a watermelon. Don’t tell anybody, but I’m pretty sure he carved Quentin’s Cub Scout pinewood derby race cars too, back in the day. Of the whole family, I had the least to do, which is probably why they put me in charge of taking photos.


Part of my original plan was to put the Goldwing on the trailer and tow it to Las Vegas so I could go riding with Gregory on his fancy-pants BMW. Somehow I got the idea Donna was in a time crunch and had to get back to Tucson right after the ceremony, so I almost talked myself out of bringing the motorcycle. But then Donna said she wasn’t in a hurry, and I loaded it onto the trailer after all. We drove up Friday and spent Saturday doing scout stuff, leaving me all day Sunday and most of Monday to ride with Gregory. Here we are on Sunday, somewhere on the north shore of Lake Mead, bound for Valley of Fire and Overton. The other gentleman in the photo is Mark, Gregory’s boss. I know, I know, never mix work with pleasure, but Gregory said it was cool (and in fact Mark seemed quite a nice guy, despite the Harley).


Monday, after an afternoon ride to Red Rock Canyon and Bonnie Springs Ranch (which I’ve probably seen for the last time, since it’s been sold to developers and will be torn down later this month), Gregory helped me load the Wing on the trailer for the drive home. Did I mention we brought the doggies along? We did, and they had a great time. Here’s Donna with Maxie and Mister B at a rest area on the Hassayampa River near Wickenberg, Arizona, halfway home. You can see the bike on the trailer in the background.


A pleasant trip, a great achievement for our grandson (and his parents), and some spirited riding in lovely desert country. Donna and I have been taking road trips together almost since we married, 53 years ago, and we both love doing it. Good thing for us, the doggies love riding in the car too!

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