Tubac Car Show Photoblog

Saturday I rode the Goldwing south to the resort town of Tubac for the annual car show. Of the three car shows I regularly attend, my favorites are the ones in Tubac and at the St. Gregory School in Tucson. That’s because they’re held outdoors: Tubac on a golf course and St. Gregory on an athletic field. The third show, of course, is the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, where cars are displayed inside tents. There are thousands of cars to see at Barrett-Jackson and only a few hundred at Tubac and St. Gregory, but the crowds at Barrett-Jackson, squeezed into narrow walkways between rows of cars, are too much for me. There’s plenty of breathing room at Tubac and St. Gregory.


One thing I especially like about the Tubac show is the motorcycle parking. People who drive down have to park some distance away from the car show. Bikers get to ride right onto the greens and park next to the first row of show cars. High school student volunteers hand out 6″ X 6″ squares of wood to put under kickstands so they don’t punch holes in the ground. Visitors’ motorcycles become part of the show, judging by the number of spectators who wander among them, snapping photos.


But hey, you’re here for the photos, so here are a few (click on them to see the full size originals on Flickr). There are more photos, 84 in all, on my Tubac 2017 Flickr album.

1968 Honda CL450
1961 Jaguar XK150
1947 Willys Jeep
1931 Franklin air-cooled engine
1968 Citroen DS 21
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