Long Live the Blog

… when I look at what passes today for free online and electronically-delivered written content … long posts that nobody reads on Facebook, threaded posts on Twitter, Tumblr and Storify accounts, email newsletters … it’s hard to figure out why these forms are any better than the traditional weblog. […]


Monday Snow Sleet Sneet Blogging

So how’s the weather? Actually bad, for a welcome change.

Winter's last gasp

When Tucsonans complain about the weather, we’re usually griping about scattered to broken clouds, and, once in a great while, rain — weather that would be innocuous anywhere else, so don’t pay us no never-mind. When it snows, we act like […]


Minion of the Great Orange Satan

I decided to become a Daily Kos diarist (or, as my conservative friends will say, a minion of the Great Orange Satan). I started with a diary entry about the confiscation and banning of books in the Tucson Unified School District, put together from two recent posts here on Paul’s Thing (here and here).