Sunday Notes

Dropping ballast in anticipation of retirement: satellite radio.  Talk about not living up to promises.  When I listen to Sirius today, not only do I hear the exact same playlists of songs I heard five years ago (particularly on the Blues Channel, my one-time favorite), I hear commercials.  Yeah, terrestrial radio is ten times worse, but I pay $142.45 a year to listen and I shouldn’t have to hear any commercials.  What will I listen to?  What I’ve been listening to all along: National Public Radio.

Remember my rant about the predictable consequences of placing the USAF’s low-glamor nuclear mission in the hands of fighter pilots?  Yet another predictable consequence: Global Strike Command.  No word yet on my proposal to transfer the A-10s to the U.S. Army.

By popular demand, a photo of Schatzi:

Pillow dog

Pillow dog

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