Monday Morning Photoblogging

Is that anything like Monday morning quarterbacking?  No, I guess not.

Trail Trash at the Snake Bridge

Trail Trash at the Snake Bridge

We take different routes on our Saturday morning Trail Trash rides.  One of our favorites is to ride a little-used bike path from the air base to downtown Tucson, stop for coffee at a sidewalk cafe on 4th Avenue, then reverse course back to the park.  The best part of the ride is crossing over Tucson’s Snake Bridge.

While I’m on the subject of bicycling, I have to cross-post a photo from my hashing blog.  This is our friend Linda, who took a spill during yesterday’s bicycle hash:

Bicycling is not for the faint of heart

Bicycling is not for the faint of heart

Things you see while hashing: years ago we ran a trail in Vail, Arizona.  We stopped for a beer check at an old graveyard by the side of some railroad tracks.  A sign hanging on the fence identified it as the “railroad children cemetery.”  I’ve been trying to find out about the railroad children ever since, with no success.  My best guess?  Vail was once a railroad town, and a lot of children died during the great influenza of 1918.  Anyway, when I was driving around photographing billboards last month, I took a little hike and found the cemetery again.  The sign is now missing, alas:

Railroad Childrens' Graveyard, Vail, Arizona

Railroad Children Cemetery, Vail, Arizona

Update (10/24/08): Linda (she of the knee, above) tracked down an Arizona graveyard historian.  I hope to have more information on the railroad children soon.

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