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You’ve Got Mail!

It’s fun to get mail from Half-Mind Weblog readers, but I have mixed feelings about this letter:

Stumbled across your Hash Rants last night, and, suddenly, I’d spent a good hour or so reading.

I very briefly participated in hashing in my town, over about 6 months, late 2012-mid-2013-ish. I quit due to some of the reasons noted in your rants: the constant worry of how to get home without driving while intoxicated; the cliqueishness of our mismanagement; and, well, basically, overall immaturity of some of the hashers. It was really only two or three key people I had a problem with, but their constant presence was enough to ruin hashing for me. It’s the only hashing group in my large-ish city, so…oh well.

Hashing has been on my mind lately because several of my friends have started to participate, and it’s come up at gatherings. I don’t usually tell anyone in great detail exactly what happened – just that I decided I had better things to do with my time, so I quit. I didn’t announce it to anyone, I just stopped showing up, removed myself from the FB group, stopped reading the Yahoo! group, and promptly unfriended most of those I had made connections with on FB. Hardly anyone noticed, and only one person even asked why, which just confirmed my decision.

Anyway thanks for writing all the Rants. I haven’t finished reading them all, but I probably will. There simply isn’t much other content on the Web about hashing, outside of kennel web pages. Certainly, almost no one writes candidly and openly about the parts that aren’t so fun or nice, as you do. Thanks for that.

It’s gratifying to get feedback on my hash rants, but this reader seems to think I hate hashing!

Sure, sometimes I rant about hash misbehavior, but I try to balance that by writing about what I love about hashing, and to pass on good ideas about haring and running the circle picked up on hash road trips.

If I don’t like something I see at the hash, I write about it, but I also try to suggest other ways of doing things. Sometimes people listen to me, most times they don’t. And that’s okay. The important thing is I’m still hashing, and expect to be for a long time yet.


PISS Hash Trash: 1/18/15 (Updated)


Yoda & Master Meat Finder, up to no good as usual.

Today marked the umpteenth 69th running of the Pima Independent Sunday Social Hash. Our hares were Zorro and Zorro’s Other Mark, who laid A to A eagle and turkey trails from Udall Park on Tucson’s east side. The pack consisted of Master Meat Finder with her three hash dogs, Flying Booger, Yoda and Appendage, and Hot Legs and Wankers Aweigh.

Trail went behind the baseball fields on the south edge of the park and into the shiggy, eventually leading to the bicycle path down the east side of Pantano Wash. An eagle loop featured a crawl through a drainage tunnel into the wash, but I don’t think anyone tried that today … we all chose turkey trail instead, which crossed the wash on a bridge and back up the other side of the wash, then through back alleys into the A at Udall Park. Zorro had said something during chalk talk about a back check, but none of us saw it, if it was even there. Maybe it was on the eagle trail no one took.

MMF’s oldest hash dog Bruno changed his mind about walking in the sun after a couple of miles, but managed to finish trail and perked up afterward. Yoda told some civilians we met on trail about the hash, Wankers and Hot Legs checked out the doo-loop the hares laid on the back side of the trail, and I stayed with MMF in case she needed any help with the dogs. Hot Legs reported a cow on trail, but the rest of us are skeptical. Strange things happen, though: Yoda had a trailside run-in with a whale, and this time there were witnesses (as you can see in the photo).

Circle was PISS standard: short, shorter, shortest. After sharing ZOM’s beer and cookies in the park, we were off to the Hog Pit for the social part of the Pima Independent Sunday Social experience, where a good time was had by all.

Thank you Zorro and ZOM for a truly shitty trail, and thanks to everyone who came out to hash on this beautiful blue sunny and cool morning!

We’re still looking for next month’s hare. The date is Sunday, Feb 8, if anyone wants to sign up. I’ll be haring on Sunday, Mar 8, and Yoda will hare on Sunday, Apr 12.

Update: additional documentation has surfaced, including a photo of Hot Legs’ bovine encounter. Click the thumbnails to see ‘em bigger:


Big cow (not you HL!)


On-afters @ Hog Pit


Turkeys on turkey trail


Our InterAm Dilemma

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 7.30.26 AMI’m not one to support alternate events that conflict with and undermine long-scheduled interhashes, but I’m making an exception for purely selfish reasons.

Pick’n'Flick and I will have been married 50 years this coming December. Last year about this time we started thinking about ways to celebrate our anniversary, and we both came up with the same idea: InterAmericas Hash. InterAm is scheduled for Labor Day weekend in Portland, Oregon, three months before our anniversary but close enough.

We went to the InterAm website to register, only to discover the event was sold out. We didn’t know organizers had capped the number of hashers who could attend and were surprised to learn we were too late to sign up. Well, no problem, we thought. The site offered a link to a list where people could sign up, in order, for extra regos. We signed up, and at the time (the beginning of 2014)  there were only a few people on that list.

A month later that list was gone, never to be mentioned again. Instead, organizers set up a regos-wanted email forum. As of today hundreds … literally hundreds … of hashers have posted rego requests. Unlike the disappeared list, which at least implied that the earlier you signed up the higher your priority, this one’s a free-for-all. The most recent rego requests go to the top of the list, shoving older requests (like ours) farther down, eventually onto a second page, then a third, then buried forever where no one will ever see them. The only option is to send follow-on requests every other week or so in an effort to keep yourself near the top where someone who might need to sell a rego will see it. Obviously, the list is dominated by the loudest, most attention-seeking hashers.

Sure, some regos will come up for sale as September approaches, but looking at the number of requests it’s clear there won’t be nearly enough to meet demand. I’ve reposted our request a few times in an effort to keep us on the first page, but I’m starting to feel like a beggar for doing so, and that goes against the grain. As for the idea of just dropping in on Portland sometime during Labor Day weekend, InterAm organizers have made it clear those who plan to do so are unwelcome.

I never thought I’d say this about an interhash, but I’m starting to feel as if the organizers don’t want me there. I know, it’s not personal … they’re just trying to control the numbers … but that’s still how I feel. And it’s left a bad taste in my mouth.

It must be really hard for hashers who’ll have to fly to Portland, because it’s looking like they won’t know whether they can go until the last minute and won’t be able to book airline travel until then. Our plan has always been to drive from our home in Tucson, making InterAm part of a 10-day 50th anniversary road trip which will also include a couple of days in the Seattle & Vancouver area. We’ll still take the road trip, whether we can spend a couple of days in Portland or not, and thank G we have that kind of flexibility. Most InterAm wannabes don’t.

Two weeks ago a West Coast hasher we know posted something about organizing an alternate Labor Day weekend hashing event in Bellingham, Washington. As I said at the top of this post, I don’t like the idea of setting up alternate events that conflict with long-scheduled interhashes, but in this case there’s no conflict. Hundreds of hashers who want to go to InterAm are going to be left out in the cold, including, most likely, us. Hashers who sign up for Bellingham will be hashers who can’t get regos for Portland, so there’s no question of undermining or taking away from InterAm.

I don’t have any details yet on the Bellingham event. When I get them I’ll post them here.

In our case, we wanted to take a road trip to the Pacific Northwest. If we could have included a couple of days in Portland at InterAm, we’d have been delighted. But now we have the option of still taking our trip and working in some hashing, only in Bellingham instead, and for that we’re thankful.

See? G is looking out for us after all!


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 1/11/15

The Pedalfiles started the new year off right with a truly shitty bash, thanks to hares Deep Dish and Is It In Yet?


Hares (center) & pack at Greasewood Park

Trail was a 10-mile A to A from Greasewood Park on Tucson’s west side. Yes, I know 10 miles sounds short, but if you rode today’s trail you know there was nothing short about it. DD & 3IY must know somebody, because they were able to get the rules suspended and 9 of those miles were uphill. Steeply uphill. Trail was a ball buster, in other words.

Halfway through the first part of the trail some of us were preparing to pedal all the way up to the top of Gates Pass, up this road:

steep hill

Fortunately for us trail turned onto a side street that was only a 15-degree upgrade. Somehow we all made it — well, most of us, anyway — through the uphill part of the trail, finding a BN that led us to a very welcome beer check at 3IY’s new house. After the hares left the beer check the pack very reluctantly followed, but the last part of the trail, the one-mile section back to Greasewood Park, turned out to be the downhill run, so we all came in together, followed shortly by two late-coming bashers, Hash Jive and Pearl of the Andes, who started after everyone had left and somehow missed the beer check.

In addition to the regulars — the hares, me, Wankers Aweigh & Hot Legs, Zorro, Loose Nut, Arthur Gash & Eff Me (short for You Gotta Fuckme to Find Out), Hash Jive & Pearl of the Andes — we were joined by some newbies, first-timers, and visitors: Just Bill (no longer a virgin, now becoming a regular), 58 & Accounting, Just Pete, Cap’n Crotch, My Clit Talks, B Flat, and Victor Victoria. We were also joined at on-afters by Master Meat Finder, who couldn’t make the trail itself, so she’s not in the group photo. Some of the newbies, according to threats they dropped at on-afters, may even come back for more punishment.

On-afters were back at 3IY’s, scene of the earlier beer check. We had a short circle, then raided 3IY’s larder for a barbecue. For a brief time all the harriettes were in the kitchen and all the harriers were clustered around the grill, but by the time I grabbed my camera co-ed sanity had returned, thank Gispert. If we had a hash shit, B Flat would have gotten it for riding her fluorescent green, pink-cabled origami velocipede, which we all thought was the cutest thing ever. Everyone but Just Bill (which will be noted come naming time) made it to on-afters. After eating all 3IY’s food and drinking all his beer, the hash went in peace.

Speaking of next time, and the next, etc, we have a pretty much open calendar. The Pedalfiles bash on the third Sunday of every month. The third Sundays in February, March, May, and June are open, waiting for bashers to sign up to hare. One of our founders, Casual Friday, will be back in town for the April bash, and has agreed to co-hare with me, Flying Booger. So April is good, but we need hares for the other months. Please contact me if you’d like to try your hand at laying a shitty trail.


Hashing & the Real World

Every now and then hashing collides with the real world. Here’s an announcement I read today, and I thought I’d pass it on in case you missed it:

H A S H E R S!

We regret to finally announce that the Pan Africa Hash 2015 in Freetown, Sierra Leone, has fallen victim to the Ebola Virus Disease Pandemic in West Africa. After monitoring the situation over the last few months, we have come to the conclusion that it will not be possible to host the PAH in 2015. While there are hopeful signs of getting the EVD under control in some of the worst hit districts in the country the situation in Freetown proper and the surrounding Western Area and a few other districts are still not safe.
So far we have more than 160 registrations for the PAH2015.

We propose the following:

The Freetown HHH will host the PAH 2017. We keep the registrations we received for the Freetown PAH 2015. For hashers who will not be able to come in 2017 we will make arrangements to sell registrations as soon as new registrations come in. For those, who wish to withdraw immediately we will reimburse the registration fee at 90% minus the cost of money transfer. This is because we have already spent money on preparations and promotional activities.

This opens up the opportunity for other African HHH kernels to step in to host the PAH2015 at a suitable time in 2015.

We regret the inconveniences and ask all hashers to bear with us.

ON! ON! PAH 2015! Please, come forward to step in!

On behalf of the PAH 2015 cum 2017 Organizing Committee
Pepper Dokta


Hash Names

seven_dirty_words_thumbnail_blackAn interesting thing happened after I posted yesterday’s bash trash. The boyfriend of one of the hashers let me know he was upset I used her hash name in the writeup. I’m still trying to figure out if he wants me to delete it and use another name instead; he hasn’t answered.

Some of you would say “Don’t change a thing; it’s her hash name and you’re writing about the hash.” Most of me is in agreement. According to legend, hash names were invented to allow scribes to write about what happened at the hash without publishing participants’ real names. Even if that’s not true it makes good sense, given some of the antics we get up to.

But (and I’ve written about this before): sometimes naming circles bestow really obnoxious names. In this case, a name so offensive her fellow hashers hesitate to call her by it. True, I haven’t heard from the young lady in question … maybe she likes her hash name … but it’s bad enough I squirmed when I typed it, and clearly it bothers her boyfriend (himself a hasher) too.

A possible compromise is to come up with SFW versions of bad names. That’s actually pretty common. It’s also censorship, which I hate on principle. Damn, bad hash names are more trouble than they’re worth. They’re not clever and they’re barely repeatable, even in a hash trash.

Anyway, this particular situation is not yet resolved, so I haven’t changed yesterday’s trash. You can figure out who I’m talking about all on your own.


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 12/21/14

The Pedalfiles Bash met this morning at Columbus Park on the west side of Tucson for a trail laid by seasoned pro Wankers Aweigh and his double-virgin partner NHN Bill, with hare support provided by Hot Legs, who drove the Mimosa van.

At first it looked like the pack would consist only of Flying Booger and Zorro, but just as Wankers & NHN Bill were about to take off, Is It In Yet?, Deep Dish, and Loose Nut arrived. Two minutes after the hares did leave, Arthur Gash and Fuck Me drove up, and we had a real pack. Two minutes before the hares’ head start elapsed and the pack was to take off in pursuit, in came Hash Jive and Pearl of the Andes, and we had an even realer pack!

As the time ran out on the hares’ head start the pack started cranking. Trail went south through the park and into a bit of shiggy behind the animal control center. Accompanied by much barking, we emerged from the shiggy onto a paved driveway, where we came upon evidence of trouble in Hare City; to wit, a massive flour spill of the kind normally associated with bag snags and somersaults over the handlebars. There was no blood, though, so we rode on.


Oops (1 of 2)

Soon we came upon a quantity of chalk dropped beside a dirt path leading to the bicycle trail on the San Juan River, and we realized the hares were having a very bad day indeed. Once again, there was no blood and trail beckoned southward, so we continued.

Flour marks and the occasional true trail arrow led us south along the San Juan before cutting back west to Silverbell. The marks continued south to Ironwood and into the hills west of Silverbell, where trail turned north back toward the start. Good thing for us the hares told us beforehand it was to be an A to A trail, so no one was confused. Somewhere on the second part of the trail, it must be noted, was another large flour spill. Poor NHN Bill, we all thought, for surely it was him having such a disastrous morning.

Back at the park, reunited with the hares, we learned the sad truth. It hadn’t been NHN Bill snagging his flour bag in the spokes and doing forward flips onto the pavement; it was seasoned pro Wankers Aweigh. Both times. On the second landing he nearly broke his wrist. Hot Lets came to his rescue with the Mimosa van, leaving NHN Bill to finish laying trail all on his lonesome. Considering it was not only his first hash ever but also his virgin outing as a hare, he did a fine job bringing the pack back to Columbus Park. The only trouble he reported was that his chalk had gone missing, and he had to do all his marks with flour.


L to R: Loose Nut, NHN Bill, Zorro, Fuck Me, Arthur Gash, Wankers Aweigh, 3IY, Pearl of the Andes, Hash Jive. Kneeling, L to R: Hot Legs, Deep Dish

We held a short circle in the park, posed for a group photo in front of a pond oddly named “Community Fishing Water,” loaded the bikes back on the cars, and headed to Rusty’s for on-afters, where a good time was had by all.


RA Flying Booger presiding over On-Afters

Next month our hare will be 3IY. Start location and time are TBA, but the date is set: Sunday, Jan 11. Mark your calendars now, before you forget!


Half-Mind Interview: Nut N Honey

boogersbagThe hash has its share of creative people, and one of the most creative hashers I know is Southern California’s Nut N Honey, who several years ago designed this flour bag logo for me, a logo I proudly used on the Half-Mind Catalog and continue to use on this little hashing blog. It’s perfect!

Nut N Honey, aka Randy Salisbury, is the artistic side of a partnership with another SoCal hasher, Whack. Together they created Hash Boy, the hashing world’s own comic strip. Hash Boy continues to entertain us, but if you haven’t seen the strips, you’ve surely see his artwork on posters for the annual Orange County Hash House Harriers’ Betty Ford Rehab Hash. Most recently, he did posters and flyers for this summer’s Belgian Beer Odyssey.

Nut N Honey is from Long Beach, California, and currently lives nearby in Seal Beach. He started hashing 23 years ago with Long Beach HHH, where he helped mismanage things as brewmeister, trailmeister, and grandmaster. These days he hashes with Orange County HHH, and has been an OCHHH GM. When I asked him to spell out his general hash philosophy, he gave me a two-word response: “Live hare!”

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 8.13.44 AM

Hash Boy & Foamy

Cooks Corner 2012 copy

Nut N Honey

Let’s hear what else he has to say, shall we?


How did you find the hash?

My first hash was in Long Beach, California in Summer of 1990. A hasher (Hash Gash) was living in the apartment below me who had hashed in Senegal and was looking to get back on trail. She knew that I was a runner, so thought that might like to try it. She also warned me about “salty language.” Hashing involved two of my favorite things: beer & running. I thought combining them was dangerous, so I didn’t hash again for a year.

How did you get the name Nut N Honey?

When I came back to the Long Beach Hash in 1991, I balked about going up for a down-down as a new boot. My wife, who WAS a new boot, tried to coach me up by loudly calling me “Honey” in the circle. The Kellogg’s cereal commercials were popular at the time and the pack began chanting “Nut N Honey, Nut N Honey.” A hash name was born.

Did you have a hashing mentor?

There were quite a few in the early days – Piledriver (my first co-hare), Darktanyon & Wild Bill in Long Beach. Walking Small, Whack & GIGO in Orange County. Fungus & Hash Bum were good amigos from the Los Angeles Hash and always supportive.

When & where was your first away hash?

It was See More Buns’ sponsored Honolulu Hash/Marathon Couch Potato adventure. 1992, me thinks. That’s where I met POM for the first time. With all the hashing and debauchery, I managed my worse marathon time ever.

Where have you hashed?

All over California, most of the western states (Hawaii included), Toronto, Virginia, Austin & Mexico.

Do you have any favorite haring techniques?

HA! I like dribbling a little flour in the wrong direction from a check. Am also inclined to lay long back-checks.

What’s the best thing that ever happened to you at a hash?

Getting to play the Ozzy Osbourne character at Betty Ford Rehab in 2003. Doing the artwork for Betty Ford since 1997. Also, producing a lot of art for Higgins’ Brussels Beer Odyssey last Summer, is right up there as well. All honors!

What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you at a hash?

Having hashers get injured on a trail that I laid. Wasn’t necessarily my fault, but I still felt responsible.

What is the most dangerous trail you’ve done?

I’ve hared and hashed some pretty harrowing things outside Palm Springs, on the Betty Ford Sunday run. Mostly involving, cactus, sharp rocks and steep cliffs. The usual.

If you could pick the location of a future Interhash, where would it be?

I’ve always thought that the San Francisco Bay area or Las Vegas would be great venues for InterAmerica’s hash.

What keeps you coming back to the hash?

I love growing old with my hash friends and reveling our shared misery. The beer’s not bad either.

Has your attitude toward hashing changed over the years?

Our hash isn’t quite so boisterous and crazy as they were back in the early 90’s. Probably an age thing. We politely refer to it as the “graying of the hash.”

Do you tell everyone you meet about the hash, or only people you think might become good hashers?

Sometimes the way of the hash comes up in civilian conversion, and may seem vaguely intriguing to some people. But it’s a whole other level for someone to show up. Everyone that I’ve ever brought to the hash never came back. So, I don’t try very hard to be a “pied piper” for the hash. The hash appealing to such a narrow segment of the population is part of its attraction.

Are there certain things all hashers should believe in?

I do believe that all hashers should do whatever it takes to insure that everyone on a run makes it to the end safely.

What have you contributed to hashing?

The obvious answer is the shit-ton of hash designs and the Hash Boy comic character (with Whack). That is also probably the best answer. I’d like to think that I’ve hared some memorable runs as well.

What’s in your hashing future?

Portland! America’s Interhash next year. Long term? To make it to the end before the beer is gone.