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KDH3 Baja Arizona Mash Trash: 2/2/19

We called this motorcycle hash the January in February Mash. Never fear, there will be a February ride, and unless we run into the same kind of scheduling glitches that delayed the January ride, it’ll actually be in February. More on that below.

As part of the January to February schedule slippage, we decided to hold the mash on a Saturday. Our tradition, from the days of the original Harriers H3MC Tucson Chapter to the present-day Knuckledraggers H3 Baja Arizona, has been to mash on the 4th Sunday of the month, in order to deconflict with the jHavelina H3, which runs trail on Saturdays. After all, our members are also jHavelinas, or almost all. But over the years, the jHavelinas started hosting social events on Sundays, and now there’s a spin-off Sunday hash, the Honey Badgers. So there’s no longer any way to deconflict, so why not mash on Saturday, right?

I have to say it was a success. Half-Hash and Hashidic, who could never ride with us on Sunday, were able to make it yesterday, more than doubling our numbers. And we were joined by two virgins, Just Dave and Just Jake, excellent prospects for the club. So from now on, we’re switching from the 4th Sunday to the 4th Saturday, and damn the torpedos.

Sonoita AZ. L to R: Half Hash, Hashidic, Wakers, Just Dave, Just Jake, Flying Booger
Patagonia AZ. L to R: Wankers, Just Dave, Just Jake, Hashidic, Half Hash, Flying Booger

We met at the Happy Rooster in Tucson for breakfast, then followed the hare (moi) down scenic Highway 83 to Sonoita for a quick regroup. It was overcast and dark to the south, we were riding toward what looked like rain, and it was cold going over the Santa Rosas, so we all put on additional layers during our short stop in Sonoita. We then rode west to the town of Patagonia, where we stopped for coffee and brownies. We had a little rain either side of Patagonia, but by the time we got to Nogales the skies were beginning to clear.

We took River Road around Nogales and headed north on I-19 to Green Valley and the Triple Play Sports Pub. The two virgins peeled off to ride home, but Flying Booger, Wankers Away, Half Hash, and Hashidic stayed for on-afters at the Triple Play.

Your scribe regrets to inform you that nothing bad happened on the mash, apart from a couple of sudden pack-scattering turns (damn you, Flying Booger), so there were no re-namings. It was a pretty great ride with old friends and new, and hey … when you mash on a Saturday, you’ve still got the rest of the weekend off, and that’s also pretty great.

The February mash will be Saturday, 2/23/19, details TBA. Unless someone else wants to plan a route and hare, Flying Booger will lead a trail through Sierra Vista to Tombstone and back, hoping some of the motorcycling hashers in those parts will be able to join us.


OTR Fini

This entry is cross-posted from my personal blog, Paul’s Thing:

IMG_7731Whenever we take a road trip, by motorcycle or car or airplane, I post OTR (on the road) updates to social media. When we return, the entry is “OTR fini.”

Pick ‘n’ Flick and I, with our friend H.M. Ho, drove to Las Vegas Tuesday for a departed friend’s memorial service, which was held on Wednesday. We drove home yesterday. OTR fini went up on Facebook about 4:30 PM.

Our old friend Upchuck & Die was a Hash House Harrier, and I’d been asked to speak at the service as a representative of the Hash. Another old friend and fellow hasher, Mudrock, who (as was Upchuck) is a Freemason, spoke to that side of his life. Other hashers present to pay their respects were Have Shit Will Travel, Alcoholiday, and our son Nose Candy, representing the Las Vegas hashing community (Las Vegas HHH and Knuckledraggers HHH). The inurnment, at the Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery in Boulder City, was officiated by representatives of the US Marine Corps (yet another side of his life). In all, it was a satisfactory laying to rest, all organized by Lauri, one of Upchuck’s daughters.

We stayed over at Nose Candy’s and our daughter-in-law Just Beth’s house, but there wasn’t much time for visiting. That’s okay, though: Pick flies back up next week for a few days, and the two of us, with our dogs, are going again in early March for our grandson Quentin’s Eagle Scout induction ceremony. I plan to trailer the Goldwing on that drive: the day after Quentin’s induction my son and I will ride to Death Valley with a couple of Las Vegas Knuckledragger motorcycling buddies (Have Shit and Alcoholiday, as a matter of fact).

Here at home, I’m on deck to lead tomorrow’s Knuckledraggers Baja Arizona ride to Sonoita and Patagonia. I started a southern Arizona Knuckledraggers riding club a few months ago. Not many hashers have been showing up for the monthly Sunday rides, so I’m switching to Saturday to see if it makes a difference. In the past, I stayed away from Saturdays because that’s the day the local hashing group has its weekly trail, but what the hell, what have they ever done for me, etc, etc. So we’ll see.

I’m frankly amazed how central a place the hash still occupies in our lives. We were heavily involved from the late 1980s into the mid-2000s. I thought we’d tapered off over the past ten years, but here we are still scheduling our lives around it. Well, other hashers our age are much the same, so we’re in good company.

Our dogs, who stayed with a friend while we were in Las Vegas, were as happy to see us again as we were them. I woke up in one of my son’s spare bedrooms yesterday and said, “Woman, let’s go home and get our doggies. I miss them.” She said “Me too,” and we were on the road half an hour later.

The older you get, the more the people … and pets … you love matter. I’m sorry, but I don’t have anything more profound than that to say.


Eleventh Rule of Cooking Club (On-On Gourmet Hash House Harriers)

It’s Paul Ryan’s fault.

The On On Gourmet Hash House Harriers met last night at one of Magret de Canard’s many casas to prepare and consume Portuguese food. Magret prepped and cooked the main dish, Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa, salt cod with onions and potatoes. Crouton deMenthe chopped cabbage, kale, and spinach for the caldo verde (green soup with linguica). Ditalini deMenthe and Anitra Spezzatino made an apple crisp desert. Assisting throughout preparation with slicing, dicing, and chopping were Hermana Gazpacho, Manzo Spezzatino, and Giacomo “Hercules” Mandriano.


Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa

Bread, cheese, olives, and lots of wine kept us happy during preparation and cooking, along with plenty of conversation and catching up (the last On On Gourmet cooking hash was way back in August, and some of us hadn’t seen each other since).


L to R: Anitra, Magret, Giacomo, Manzo


L to R: Hermana, Ditalini, Magret, Anitra

The Portuguese theme was the inspiration of Magret, who grew up with that nation’s cuisine, and everyone enjoyed the dinner. During preparation, Magret wound up throwing most of the recipes into the air and using her memories instead, and the consensus is she pulled it off.

The eleventh rule of cooking club is the result of a brief but heated discussion on the topic of why Donald Trump didn’t ask Congress for the money to build his wall during the two years he had Republican majorities in both the House and Senate, and was laid down in a most vehement manner by Giacomo, who provided additional persuasion via a threat to turn the entire pot of hot Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa over our heads). It is a fine rule indeed: it’s Paul Ryan’s fault, that vaguely Portuguese ass looking bastard.

Our next cooking hash will be at Hermana Gazpacho’s. Fancying a nice poutine, Crouton pushed for a Canadian theme, but was wisely overruled by literally everyone else, so we’ll be making something Italian (and gluten-free, gah) instead.



Hash #1: Pope Hash House Harriers, Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA, April 1, 1984. The origin of the infamous & highly regarded Carolina Trash.


Courtesy of Teats de Swamp, who posted this valuable historical record to Facebook.

If you have similar historical records worthy of sharing with the hashing community, please contact me.


Upchuck & Die, RIP

This is hardly a place to make announcements, but hashers still read this blog and there may be some who’d want to know that long-time brother hasher Upchuck & Die, originally of San Diego HHH, lately of Las Vegas HHH, passed away in December. Upchuck was a great traveler who attended all the InterHashes, InterAmericas Hashes, and other major national/regional interhashes, and a lot of you knew him.

His memorial service will be on Wednesday, 30 January 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada. I want to get the word out to hashers who might want to attend. Pick’n'Flick and I will be there, and I hope other members of the hashing community can come pay their respects as well.

rudy services copy

RIP, Upchuck, and On-On!


KDH3 Baja Arizona Mash Trash: 12/30/18

Three Knuckledraggers met in Oro Valley on a beautiful but cold Sunday morning for a mash (motorcycle hash) hared by Wankers Aweigh. Trail took us through Catalina, Oracle, and on to the small mining town of San Manuel overlooking the San Pedro River Valley, hidden away on the east side of the Rincon Mountains and Redington Pass. This was the first time Flying Booger and Loose Nut had ever heard of the place, which is just 45 miles from Tucson, but Wankers went to high school there and knew it well.

The road from Oracle to San Manuel was the high point of Sunday’s trail. Oracle is 2,000 feet higher than Tucson and there was snow on both sides of the road leading out of town. Not only that, there were big patches of ice on the road, and Flying Booger’s ride almost went out from under him on the first ice patch we encountered, lending some excitement to the mash. We rode very carefully after that!

Loose Nut & Wankers on the road to San Manuel

In San Manuel we visited Wanker’s old school, then stopped for a photo op at the town’s Vietnam War memorial.

San Manual

From there Wankers led us past several No Trespassing signs to a nearby open pit copper mine. Naturally all three of us were layered in warm clothing, which we started to strip off during photo stops but quickly had to stop in order to put back on … it was one of those days where no matter how high the sun got, it stayed cold, and even colder while riding at speed.

At the closed copper mine

And just because so far it had been a short trail, we rode on-on north on 77 to Mammoth and Winkleman, doubling back to a Mexican restaurant in Mammoth for on-afters and lunch. After all, what’s a mash if you don’t hit or exceed 200 miles? We came pretty close, and we thank Wankers for an excellent trail through some beautiful parts of southern Arizona few visitors … and even some long-time Tucson residents … ever see.

On-On to 2019 and the first mash of the new year, which will be on Sunday, the 27th of January. Flying Booger will hare, and the tentative plan is to head south to Sonoita, Patagonia, and Nogales. Details to be announced by email and on our KDH3 Baja Arizona Facebook page, so stand by for news.


Sad News From Kampala H3

A boat taking passengers on an evening “booze cruise” on Lake Victoria in Uganda capsized and sank on Saturday, November 24th. Thirty passengers drowned, including four members of the Kampala Hash House Harriers.

As my friend Hazukashii noted, while plenty of hashers have passed on from old age and sickness, it’s a blow when hashers die by mischance. Here’s to you, brothers and sisters of another kennel, and may you be On-On forever!


Top left: Fred “Sweet Residue” Mawanda
Top right: Rehma “Short Ass” Ashaba
Bottom left: John Bosco “Piston Shaft” Nyanzi
Bottom right: Hajarah “Toffaali” Nagadya


KDH3 Baja Arizona Mash Trash: 11/25/18

A small group of Knuckledraggers met Sunday morning at the Triple T truck stop on I-10 south of Tucson. Braving blue skies and temperatures in the high 50s were Flying Booger, Wankers Aweigh, Master Meat Finder, and Loose Nut, all ready for a ride down back roads and through cattle country to the historic settlement of Arivaca.

Flying Booger led, since this was the same ride he had to cancel out of in November when his motorcycle was down for maintenance. The back road scheme worked well, except for the part where he got everyone lost and took them on a tour of the adults-only subdivisions of Green Valley, and except for the part where the back road was closed south of the Canoa traffic circle and we had to divert onto the freeway to get to the turnoff at Amado. From there, though, the curvy road to Arivaca was wide open, and we soon arrived at the Gadsen Coffee Company, where we posed for a selfie:

L to R: Master Meat Finder, Loose Nut, Flying Booger, Wankers Aweigh

The plan for our return ride went off without a hitch: back to Amado for another round of group photos, which you’ll see below, then back north on I-19 to the north end of Green Valley and a combination of lunch and on-afters at the Triple Play Sports Pub on Duval Mine Road. From there we all made our separate ways home, except for Master Meat Finder, who rode pillion with Flying Booger back to the Triple T to fetch her car.


Border Patrol was everywhere you looked, down there close to Mexico, but they weren’t interested in us, so except for the mandatory checkpoint we enjoyed uninterrupted riding with almost no traffic, and oh by the way for all you pussies who didn’t show up, it never got hotter than 70 degrees, perfect riding weather.


Next month’s ride will be on the fifth Sunday of December, which falls on the 30th. That way we’re not competing with Christmas, and since the 30th is one day short of New Year’s Eve, we hope a few more Knuckledraggers and prospective members will turn out for the mash (motorcycle hash, if you’re wondering). Our hare and ride leader will be Wankers Aweigh, and as soon as he gives me a starting point and time I’ll get the word out.

The very small and very new Knuckledraggers H3 Riding Club Baja Arizona send greetings to our brother and sister Knuckledraggers everywhere, and wish you the best for the holiday season and a great 2019!