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Sixth Rule of Cooking Club (On On Gourmet Hash House Harriers)

When doubling Cajun recipes, don’t double the cayenne.

The On On Gourmet Hash House Harriers met again Saturday night, this time at the home of Giacomo “Hercules” Mandriano, where we were joined by Giacomo’s brother, Washington DC refugee Giuseppe “Pastoso” Mandriano, hiding from the wrath of the Blizzard of 2016. I usually know what people’s names mean, but Pastoso was new to me so I looked it up. It means “mellow” in Italian. What an odd name. Anyway, here we are, posing for an Ellen DeGeneres-style group selfie:


L to R: Magret de Canard, Ditalini deMenthe, Anitra Spezzatino, Manzo Spezzatino, Crouton deMenthe, Giuseppe “Pastoso” Mandriano, Giacomo “Hercules” Mandriano

Our theme was Cajun, specifically the cooking of the late chef Paul Prudhomme. Magret de Canard made shrimp, the Spezzatinos a cucumber salad and a jambalaya, the deMenthes pecan praline candies for dessert. The brothers Mandriano helped with the prep, while I chopped peppers, celery, and onions; as we have done before, everyone participated in the cooking.

A few photos (sorry, I forgot to take one of the shrimp, which we gobbled up as an appetizer).


Ditalini’s pecan praline candies


Chaos in the kitchen, pt I


Anitra’s jambalaya


Crouton chops!


Chaos in the kitchen, pt II


Dinner a la Paul Prudhomme

It was a fabulous dinner, and spicy too (see Rule #6). We marveled over Giacomo’s kitchen and utensil collection, the biggest and best we’ve encountered to date, and we collectively thank him for his hospitality.

The next meeting of the On On Gourmet Hash House Harriers will be in March. Our theme will be outdoor barbecue and grilling, using recipes from Bobby Flay. Ditalini and I are hosting, which is only right, since it is I, Crouton deMenthe, who invented the Fortress of Smoke™.


HashSpace Changes

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 12.40.51 PM

Major changes and improvements to HashSpace are on the way and should be implemented in the next few days. Members will be getting an email from Sux2Blow soon, if they haven’t already.

Without giving away any surprises, I’m proud to say that Ra, current webmaster of the little hash site I started more than 20 years ago, is working closely with Sux3Blow and making key contributions to the new HashSpace.

Here’s to Sux2Blow and Ra, and long may they serve the hash!


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 12/20/15


The hares, Wankers Aweigh & Subatomic Equipment, put out the word to meet at the Famous Sam’s on Silverbell & Grant. Word really travels, because Santa Gash showed up, all the way from the North Pole! Also there: Flying Booger, Loose Nut, Deep Dish, Fuck Me … and Hot Legs, to take our photo.

Trail led uphill to a beer check at Subatomic’s house near Gates Pass, where we enjoyed a fine view. Some of the pack pedaled all the way up the hill; some didn’t (including me, dear reader). The ride back to the start was all downhill, and those of us who cheated to get to the beer check were sorry we didn’t get the payback of a fast gravity-assisted ride on home. On-afters were at Rusty’s … thanks, Famous Sam’s, for letting us use your parking lot, but we’ll spend our beer money at your competitor’s place next door!

Since your scribe was one of the lazy cheaters, he doesn’t have many trail photos, but thanks to Deep Dish & Hot Legs there are some snapshots to share. Mouse over the thumbnails to see the captions, click to see the full sized originals on Flickr.

21605_10206800961115311_5266644949379132827_n IMG_2794 IMG_2797
IMG_2791 Untitled 12391415_10206801832537096_8513817630978707777_n

On On to January, when Master Meat Finder and Cock Stalker will lead us on another chase!


Not for Everyone

Hashers are like furries, weird and creepy.


On-On Gourmet Hash House Harriers

After a recent trail, while eight of us were cooling off at a local pub, our friend Master Meat Finder told us about the weekend she spent escorting a cookbook author who’d been a speaker at Tucson’s annual book fair. The author was Hugo Ortega, and he’d given MMF a copy of his new cookbook, Backstreet Kitchen. She had the book with her and we passed it around. Somehow the idea of starting a cooking club popped into our heads.

We decided to call ourselves the On-On Gourmet Hash House Harriers, even though the only trails we follow are culinary ones. We cook and consume dinners together, once every other month.


On-On Gourmets Hot Legs & Pick’n'Flick, making paella

I’ve been posting our cooking club hash trashes on my cooking blog, Crouton’s Kitchen. I realized today I should link to them here, since some Half-Mind Weblog readers may be interested. Here’s a list of links to On-On Gourmet H3 hash trashes:

The names in these hash trashes may be confusing. Every member of the On-On Gourmets is a named hasher, but we use a different set of noms de plume on the Crouton’s Kitchen cooking blog. Pick’n'Flick, for instance, is Ditalini deMenthe. Not to worry, I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

In the future I’ll post cooking club trashes to Crouton’s Kitchen and cross-post them here as well. I’m assuming hashers will want to read them here rather than at Crouton’s Kitchen, since most hashers I know wouldn’t be caught dead with a cooking blog in their browser favorites. And who can blame them?


Harriers MCH3 Mash Trash: 11/22/15

There were only two of us this morning, but that’s a quorum, right?

Flying Booger and Wankers Aweigh met at Wankers’ house on Tucson’s west side for a loop ride over Gates Pass to Saguaro National Park and on to Four Points, where we turned around for Fred’s Arena, Ryan Airfield, and a return trip over Gates Pass before separating and making our individual ways home. Over lunch at Fred’s Arena, we talked about a post-Christmas Harriers MCH3 ride to Globe, when Nose Candy will be in town with a rental bike. Stand by for announcements.

So that’s what happened today. Fantastic weather and good riding conditions. A shame more of us weren’t able to get out on two wheels today. Here are some photos to make you feel guilty:


Perfect morning for a Harriers MCH3 ride!


Flying Booger & Wankers Aweigh, Gate Pass


Where would we be without iPhones?

Can you tell I got a selfie stick for my birthday? Greatest invention since beer!


HHHistory on Facebook

Shakesprick’s Hashpaedia is no more (boo!). Shakesprick’s A History of the Hash House Harriers is on Facebook (yay!). Here’s a screen grab of the introductory post:

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 1.35.46 PM

Actually, the Facebook page isn’t intended to replace Hashpaedia. That, if you read Shakesprick’s post above, will happen in book form, some time in 2017. Meanwhile, the Facebook page is a place for people to contribute HHHistorical facts, documents, and photos to the project, and for Shakesprick to share some of the historical information he digs up himself.

Hashpaedia was brilliant, and I’m sorry it’s no longer on the web. But the book will no doubt be even better and more comprehensive, and I can’t wait.

Meanwhile, how ’bout you visit A History of the Hash House Harriers on Facebook, “like” the page, and contribute what you know of HHHistory. No bullshit, please … but if you have good information on the early days of hashing, whether that be on the world, regional, national, or even city level, your contribution will be welcome, and will most likely go into the book.

By the way, if you want to know a little more about this Shakesprick fellow, here’s a Half-Mind interview with the man himself.


Scheduling Conflicts

schedule_orig_full_sidebarWhen I announced the October Pedalfiles bash to Tucson hashers, I got a couple of emails from hashers telling me the date conflicted with the jHavelina H3′s Hash de Tucson hangover hash. They implied I should have checked the calendar first and picked another day for our event.

I’ll just note for the record that the hashers who complained have never attended a Pedalfiles event, and I suspect never will. Still, their complaint deserves to be aired.

When I started the PISS Hash in 2003, and when Casual Friday & Bimbo by Day started the Pedalfiles in 2006, Sundays in Tucson—apart from two annual jHavelina H3 weekend events—were open. Since then, jHavelina H3 and other hashing activities in Tucson have expanded to fill weekends year-round. And that’s fine. Hashers love to hash.

What it comes down to is that Sunday is the only viable option for our two small hashes. We weren’t going to compete with the jHavelina H3′s long-established claim to Saturday, so that leaves Sunday. The PISS Hash is a family hash and occasionally people do bring kids, so hashing at night on a weekday is out. And no one in their right mind would do a bike hash on a weekday night. As for changing from a regularly-scheduled Sunday to another Sunday, we try to recruit hares months in advance, and that would only screw them over. Sorry, folks, but our two little once-a-month Sunday hashes are going to have to stay with the days they originally staked out many years ago.

It’s good that hashers in Tucson have choices. I’m not asking anyone to change what they’re doing. If hashers are in the habit of going to jHavelina or Honey Badger events on Sunday, that’s what they’re going to do. I hope PISS and Pedalfiles regulars will continue to come out for our events. I hope hashers who normally go to other Sunday hash events will, one of these months, give the PISS or Pedalfiles a try instead, just to see whether they like the change.

The PISS will continue to schedule hashes on the second Sunday of the month. The Pedalfiles will continue to bash on the third Sunday. I’ll continue to post announcements to our Facebook pages and cross-post them to the jHavelina page. Come if you can, it’s a lot of fun.