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KDH3 Baja Arizona Mash Trash 3/23/19

A pretty small pack showed up at El Guero Canelo on Tucson’s East Side for yesterday’s Knuckledraggers H3 Baja Arizona Mash: Wankers Aweigh. But that was plenty, because it was a short trail anyway, the hare having to get home in time to dress for a wedding.

Flying Booger led the pack from behind so he could get video of the trail. Since motorcycle videos are so much more interesting if there’s a motorcycle or two out front, Wankers took the lead over Gates Pass and down into Graboid Territory* west of the Tucson Mountains.

Riding up Gates Pass

Riding down Gates Pass

From Gates Pass trail took us on the McCain Loop through Saguaro National Park West, where we came up behind some potential members on Harleys. At the stop sign, Wankers shouted “RU?” When the dudebros and their lady shrugged, Wankers shouted back “Well fuck you then, you can’t join our club,” and we sped off, leaving them in the dust on Kinney Road.

Recruiting prospective Knuckledraggers in Saguaro West

On-afters were at Fred’s Arena, an place you have to have been to in order to even find it, hidden down a dirt road south of the Ajo Highway, halfway between Ryan Airfield and Three Points. Lucky for us, the sand wasn’t deep on the dirt road and neither of us took a spill on the way to or from Fred’s.

Fred’s Arena

Fred’s isn’t just a bar, steakhouse, and outdoor dining and dancing area. It’s a working ranch with horses and a smithy, where Fred builds wagons and stagecoaches like they did in the 1800s, wagons that are features in the annual Tucson Rodeo Parade. Fred’s daughter Connie took our photo in front of one of Fred’s latest builds, which she saw us admiring. Oh did I mention the place is a biker hang? But you probably guessed that. We did too, and by the time the enraged Harley contingent came wallowing down the dirt road, Wankers and I were long gone.

Wankers & Flying Booger with one of Fred’s wagons

We have a hare for April, and that hare is Wankers Aweigh. Info on April’s Mash will be sent out by email and posted to the KDH3 Baja Arizona Facebook page as soon as Wankers figures out what he’s going to do.

*East of the Tucson Mountains, the Sonora Desert is green and pretty. But as you ride over Gates Pass headed west, you see a different sort of desert off in the distance, dry and dusty like the Mojave Desert where they filmed “Tremors,” and all I could think of as we rode down into it was we’d better keep our speed up or the Graboids would get us, and if you don’t know what any of that means you need to brush up on your pop culture.


Knuckledragging in Las Vegas

Pick’n'Flick and I drove to Las Vegas for our grandson’s Eagle Scout induction ceremony, and I decided at the last minute to trailer the motorcycle. The scout ceremony was Saturday, which left Sunday and Monday to go riding.

Sunday, Nose Candy (KDH3 Las Vegas) and I (KDH3 Baja Arizona) rode the north shore of Lake Mead out to Valley of Fire State Park and on-on to Overton for a late breakfast. We were accompanied by Nose Candy’s boss, Just Mark. It was a spirited ride, and by spirited I mean 80 mph the whole way, with occasional excursions up to 100 mph. It’s been a while since I pulled the ton, and I think maybe this was the first time I did it with a fellow Knuckledragger. Thank G we didn’t get caught … that would have been a hell of a ticket!

Lake Mead: Nose Candy, Flying Booger, Just Mark

Nose Candy rides a fancy-pants BMW, and of course I was on my Goldwing. Just Mark was on a Harley, and surprisingly pushed the thing even harder than I pushed the Wing, including the 100 mph dashes. I must say I was impressed. We need to get that man hashing so he can become a Knuckledragger too.

On the way home Nose Candy and I stopped in Boulder City for on-afters. The old downtown section was full of bikes and riders, but this ride stood out and we decided to pose with it for photos. We later met its owner (who looked exactly like the kind of guy who’d ride it), Grizzly from Apache Junction, Arizona, right up the road from me. Another potential recruit!

Boulder City: Nose Candy with Grizzly’s ride

Monday Nose Candy and I went riding through Red Rock Canyon with Have Shit Will Travel (KDH3 Las Vegas).

Red Rock Canyon: Nose Candy, HSWT, Flying Booger

Just for fun, here’s a short GoPro video of the three of us doing a water crossing leaving Red Rock. Scoff if you will, but water crossings are a big deal in the desert, and qualify as shiggy.

After riding the Red Rock loop we hooked up with another Las Vegas Knuckledragger, Alcoholiday, at Bonnie Springs Ranch. We wanted to see Bonnie Springs again before it’s gone … the old lady who owned it died and her heirs have sold the property to developers. They’re tearing it down this month and a few months from now it’ll be a gated McMansion community. Las Vegas grows like a cancer, and I won’t be surprised to see casinos in Red Rock Canyon some day.

Bonnie Springs: HSWT, Nose Candy, Alcoholiday, FB

Not a bad KDH3 outing. Now to see if I can hook up with some potential KDH3 Baja Arizona members in Sierra Vista and Bisbee!

More links: GoPro videos are on my YouTube channel, and you can view screen grab images from those videos on my GoPro Stills Flickr album.


Vodka Splite, RIP

Vodka Splite was a huge help to me with events & contacts when I started the Half-Mind Catalog, my go-to hash collaborator for Scandinavian input. I loved his hash trashes and re-published a few. He was the subject of one of my first hasher interviews. I am so sorry he had to leave the circle early. On On, Vodka Splite!

I’m including an obituary sent by the Oslo H3 OnSec. I don’t know who wrote it, but I’m glad someone did.

VODKA SPLITE 1965 – 2019

We are very sad to announce Terje Eriksen (Vodka Splite) passed away after a short period of illness on Friday 1 March.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 12.09.27 PMVodka was very active in the early years of OH3 (his initial Hash handle was “Swing Low”) and was a keen traveller attending many of the World Interhashes, Eurohashes and other international hash events along with his beloved wife “Lita” – and often in company of “The Wolf” who at times introduced Vodka as his unwantedson. Vodka and Lita had many visits to Pattaya in Thailand where he frequented the local Hash and The Scandi Bar. His playfulness and friendliness made a lot of travelling hasher friends of OH3. Vodka always had funny crazy ideas. In 1998 on a pre-lube to Interhash in Kuala Lumpur, he arranged the “Ketchup Run” where 3 speedboats took the Hashers out to an island for a run along the beach and then sprayed ketchup on each other. The 1,5 hour circle, with Mooze as the RA was in waist high seawater which made it unnecessary to leave for the toilet. On the same visit we had a local tailor make Oslo Full Moon Hash tuxedos with short arms and pants so 17 of us had the smartest attire at Interhash ‘98 where in total, 48 from OH3 attended.

Vodka, together with Mooze founded Oslo Full Moon Hash – the dark side of hashing – where the emphasis was not on the running. In addition to the monthly Full Moon night Hashes, they also organised many of the first “12 pubs of Xmas” runs, “A Grand day Out” ending up with a BBQ in Mooze’s garden and the “Monopoly Board”, full day pub crawls.

He held the On-sec position for many years in the days when a monthly Hash Trash was produced on paper and distributed by mail (the type that involves photocopying, stamps and the post office).

Vodka was also a part of organising several big OH3 events. His legendary excel sheet were so detailed that we got to know that an average hasher uses 1 1/4 plastic teaspoons during a weekend. The goodhearted helpfulness and passion spiced up with down-downs resulted in an exhausted Vodka slept through the party on one of the anniversaries he had worked hard to make a success.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 12.10.08 PM

In 2002 on our way to Oslo H3 run #666 in“HELL” another one of his crazy ideas came to fruition where he together with Higgins, Man in Black and Big Balls, travelled the length of Gardermoen conveyer belt sitting down at a table, drinking beers. The whole airport, including the staff were in stiches.

For many years, he and Lita set a June run at Songsvann where, inevitably, the heavens would open and it would pour with rain or even hailstones despite the good weather before and after. The unpredictable weather became almost a feature of the runs which became known as the “Annual Sognsvann downpour run” and despite the rain, a BBQ was lit and grilled sausages served in the car park.

Vodka and Lita attended many Ski Hashes and the bus trips were always enhanced by the many Hash songs he knew. In 2005, just returned from Thailand they turned up with a cuddly toy dancing caterpillar which was present throughout the weekend right through to the Sunday beers at Two Dogs pub where it was dancing on the pavement and Vodka put out a cap to collect money – not much cash came despite we had primed the cap with some coins and a MasterCard but it was fun anyway.

Vodkas attendance at OH3 dropped off over the years while he pursued his passion for Rolling Stones and travelled extensively to see them, normally on a front row seat. He even managed to get his photo in VG from one of the international concerts.

Privately, Vodka worked in IT preparing and installing PCs. This included a year in London which he visited many times in the years after also to keep up the long-lasting friendship with the West London hashers including Periodical and Prince. Lita and he lived many years in Manglerud before moving to Høyenhall in 2015 in an apartment with a stunning view over the city.

Vodka will be a great miss to all of us who knew him in his prime and for the many contributions he made to OH3. He was a kind hearted, compassionate, fun loving person who elevated the mood just by his presence. Our deepest condolences go out to Lita and his remaining family, including his brother Steinar (Glutton) who were both with him playing Stones music just before he passed away.

RIP Vodka Splite: The Vicar, Flying Chicken, PigMe and Coffee, Tea or Me


KDH3 Baja Arizona Mash Trash: 2/2/19

We called this motorcycle hash the January in February Mash. Never fear, there will be a February ride, and unless we run into the same kind of scheduling glitches that delayed the January ride, it’ll actually be in February. More on that below.

As part of the January to February schedule slippage, we decided to hold the mash on a Saturday. Our tradition, from the days of the original Harriers H3MC Tucson Chapter to the present-day Knuckledraggers H3 Baja Arizona, has been to mash on the 4th Sunday of the month, in order to deconflict with the jHavelina H3, which runs trail on Saturdays. After all, our members are also jHavelinas, or almost all. But over the years, the jHavelinas started hosting social events on Sundays, and now there’s a spin-off Sunday hash, the Honey Badgers. So there’s no longer any way to deconflict, so why not mash on Saturday, right?

I have to say it was a success. Half-Hash and Hashidic, who could never ride with us on Sunday, were able to make it yesterday, more than doubling our numbers. And we were joined by two virgins, Just Dave and Just Jake, excellent prospects for the club. So from now on, we’re switching from the 4th Sunday to the 4th Saturday, and damn the torpedos.

Sonoita AZ. L to R: Half Hash, Hashidic, Wakers, Just Dave, Just Jake, Flying Booger
Patagonia AZ. L to R: Wankers, Just Dave, Just Jake, Hashidic, Half Hash, Flying Booger

We met at the Happy Rooster in Tucson for breakfast, then followed the hare (moi) down scenic Highway 83 to Sonoita for a quick regroup. It was overcast and dark to the south, we were riding toward what looked like rain, and it was cold going over the Santa Rosas, so we all put on additional layers during our short stop in Sonoita. We then rode west to the town of Patagonia, where we stopped for coffee and brownies. We had a little rain either side of Patagonia, but by the time we got to Nogales the skies were beginning to clear.

We took River Road around Nogales and headed north on I-19 to Green Valley and the Triple Play Sports Pub. The two virgins peeled off to ride home, but Flying Booger, Wankers Away, Half Hash, and Hashidic stayed for on-afters at the Triple Play.

Your scribe regrets to inform you that nothing bad happened on the mash, apart from a couple of sudden pack-scattering turns (damn you, Flying Booger), so there were no re-namings. It was a pretty great ride with old friends and new, and hey … when you mash on a Saturday, you’ve still got the rest of the weekend off, and that’s also pretty great.

The February mash will be Saturday, 2/23/19, details TBA. Unless someone else wants to plan a route and hare, Flying Booger will lead a trail through Sierra Vista to Tombstone and back, hoping some of the motorcycling hashers in those parts will be able to join us.




Eleventh Rule of Cooking Club (On-On Gourmet Hash House Harriers)

It’s Paul Ryan’s fault.

The On On Gourmet Hash House Harriers met last night at one of Magret de Canard’s many casas to prepare and consume Portuguese food. Magret prepped and cooked the main dish, Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa, salt cod with onions and potatoes. Crouton deMenthe chopped cabbage, kale, and spinach for the caldo verde (green soup with linguica). Ditalini deMenthe and Anitra Spezzatino made an apple crisp desert. Assisting throughout preparation with slicing, dicing, and chopping were Hermana Gazpacho, Manzo Spezzatino, and Giacomo “Hercules” Mandriano.


Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa

Bread, cheese, olives, and lots of wine kept us happy during preparation and cooking, along with plenty of conversation and catching up (the last On On Gourmet cooking hash was way back in August, and some of us hadn’t seen each other since).


L to R: Anitra, Magret, Giacomo, Manzo


L to R: Hermana, Ditalini, Magret, Anitra

The Portuguese theme was the inspiration of Magret, who grew up with that nation’s cuisine, and everyone enjoyed the dinner. During preparation, Magret wound up throwing most of the recipes into the air and using her memories instead, and the consensus is she pulled it off.

The eleventh rule of cooking club is the result of a brief but heated discussion on the topic of why Donald Trump didn’t ask Congress for the money to build his wall during the two years he had Republican majorities in both the House and Senate, and was laid down in a most vehement manner by Giacomo, who provided additional persuasion via a threat to turn the entire pot of hot Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa over our heads). It is a fine rule indeed: it’s Paul Ryan’s fault, that vaguely Portuguese ass looking bastard.

Our next cooking hash will be at Hermana Gazpacho’s. Fancying a nice poutine, Crouton pushed for a Canadian theme, but was wisely overruled by literally everyone else, so we’ll be making something Italian (and gluten-free, gah) instead.



Hash #1: Pope Hash House Harriers, Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA, April 1, 1984. The origin of the infamous & highly regarded Carolina Trash.


Courtesy of Teats de Swamp, who posted this valuable historical record to Facebook.

If you have similar historical records worthy of sharing with the hashing community, please contact me.


Upchuck & Die, RIP

This is hardly a place to make announcements, but hashers still read this blog and there may be some who’d want to know that long-time brother hasher Upchuck & Die, originally of San Diego HHH, lately of Las Vegas HHH, passed away in December. Upchuck was a great traveler who attended all the InterHashes, InterAmericas Hashes, and other major national/regional interhashes, and a lot of you knew him.

His memorial service will be on Wednesday, 30 January 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada. I want to get the word out to hashers who might want to attend. Pick’n'Flick and I will be there, and I hope other members of the hashing community can come pay their respects as well.

rudy services copy

RIP, Upchuck, and On-On!