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Half-Mind Hashing Dictionary: B

  • Back Check (BC): trail mark* indicating that runners should turn around and retrace their path while looking for true trail, which branched off somewhere before the BC; sometimes accompanied by a number indicating the number of marks the pack should go back before looking for true trail.
  • Bad Trail (BT): 1) a section of trail which goes nowhere; 2) trail mark* indicating the end of a BT; see Blow Job, False Trail, YBF.
  • Bag Wagon: see B-Van.
  • Balls Check: trail mark* indicating a check or intersection which must be solved by male hashers before the pack can proceed.
  • Bash: bicycle hash.
  • Basher: bicycle hasher.
  • Bashing: hashing by bicycle.
  • Beer: hashing beverage of choice; see Piss.
  • Beer Angel: 1) hasher who drives the beer to the on-in; 2) hasher who fills pitchers with beer during down-downs.
  • Beer Bitch: harriette who fills pitchers with beer during down-downs.
  • Beer Check: 1) beverage stop; 2) trail mark* indicating a beverage stop.
  • Beer Master: mismanagement member in charge of ensuring an adequate beverage supply for hash events; see Biermeister.
  • Beer Near: trail mark* indicating proximity of beverages; can be associated with a beer check, on-in, or on-home.
  • Biermeister: see Beer Master.
  • Blow Job: see Bad Trail.
  • Boob Check: trail mark* indicating a check or intersection which must be solved by female hashers before the pack can proceed; see Gender Confusion.
  • Box: square area marked on ground within which hashers must remain at the whim of the GM or Tyrant; often used during ceremonies conducted before and after the trail.
  • Bucket: originally an actual bucket in which ice & beer were kept; today, the word used for refreshments in traditional hashes.
  • Bucket Fee: in traditional hashes, money paid by hashers to partake of refreshments.
  • Butt Chug: laying prone while drinking a beer poured between the naked cheeks of another hasher’s ass (a co-ed activity, of course – we’re not poofters); see Debauchery.
  • Butt Painting: painting words, letters, pictures, etc, on another hasher’s ass (ditto co-ed); see Debauchery.
  • B-Van: vehicle used to transport beer, food, hash bags; see Chase Vehicle.
  • * Asterisked trail marks are made by hares only.

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